College of Natural and Computational Sciences

Warren Hays Ph.D.

Associate Professor of BiologyWarren Hays, Ph.D.

HPU Email:

Office Telephone: 808-236-5842,  FAX: 808-236-3590

Office location: 240 Hawaii Loa Campus

PhD Zoology (2000).  University of Hawaii, Manoa.

MA Zoology (1990).  University of California, Berkeley.

BA Biology (1980).  Hampshire College, Amherst MA.


Hays, W. S. T; S. Conant.  2007.  Impact of the small Indian

mongoose (Herpestes javanicus) (Carnivora: Herpestidae) on native vertebrate populations in areas of introduction.  Pacific Science, 61: 3-16.

Hays, W. S. T.; D. Simberloff.  2006.  A morphometric trend linked to

male sociality in the small Indian mongoose, Herpestes javanicus, in Hawaii.  Acta Theriologica, 51: 303-310.

Hays, W. S. T.; S. Conant.  2003.  Male social activity in the small

            Indian mongoose, Herpestes javanicus.  Acta Theriologica, 48: 485-494.

Hays, W. S. T.  2003.  Human pheromones: have they been

            demonstrated? Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 54: 89-97.

Hays, W. S. T.  .  2000.  Population dynamics of the small Indian

mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) in Hawai’i: a numerical model.  Abstract.  Pacific Science 54: 94.

Hays, W. S. T.; W. Z Lidicker Jr.  2000.  Winter aggregations, Dehnel

Effect, and habitat relations in the Suisun shrew (Sorex ornatus sinuosus).  Acta Theriologica 45: 433-442.

Hays, W. S. T.  .  1999.  Annual dispersal cycle of the small Indian

mongoose (Herpestes auropunctatus) (Carnivora: Herpestidae) in Hawai’i.  Pacific Science, 53: 252 - 256.

Hays, W. S. T.  1998.  A new method for live-trapping shrews.  Acta

            Theriologica, 43 (3): 333 – 335.

Service (Past five years):

Academic Policies Committee (2002 - present)

Lab Policies Review Committee (2007 - present)

Biology Program Coordinator (2000-2002)


Courses Routinely taught at HPU (Past five years):

            BIOL 2030                       Human Anatomy & Physiology I

            BIOL 2031                       Human Anatomy & Physiology I Laboratory

            BIOL 2032                       Human Anatomy & Physiology II

            BIOL 2032o                     Human Anatomy & Physiology II Online

            BIOL 2033                       Human Anatomy & Physiology II Laboratory

            BIOL 3054                       Evolutionary Genetics

Note:  I am also in the process of taking charge of the following courses:

            BIOL 3080                       Ecology

            BIOL 3081                       Ecology Laboratory

Description of Research Interests:

Behavioral ecology of small mammals, especially the social systems of mongooses and shrews.  Cryptic social systems.  Evolution of sociality.  Also mammalian scent marking and pheromone systems.