Faculty Highlights

Samuel Joseph, Ph.D.

Professional Experience

Hawaii Pacific University, USA
Associate Professor, Dept. Math & Computer Science
(Sep. 10 – present)
Research into online learning and Design, HCI & usability for mobile devices. Teaching Artificial Intelligence, Mobile, Internet and Game Programming.

University of Hawaii, USA
Researcher, Aquaculture Program
(Dec. 09 – Jun. 10)
Administrator of University of Hawaii Second Life Campus, Aquaculture Island and AquacultureHub.org social networking site & mobile apps.

University of Hawaii, USA
Researcher, Educational Technology
(Aug. 09 – Nov. 09)
Administrator of University of Hawaii Second Life Campus, co-ordinating virtual 3D environment research and teaching with six different departments.

University of Hawaii, USA
Assistant Researcher, LILT
(Mar. 07 – Jul. 09)
Managed research team of 12 exploring augmented reality systems, mobile computing and educational software for second language learning.

University of Hawaii, USA
Research Assistant, LILT
(Jan. 04 – Dec. 06)
Research into collaborative learning technology and tools for online communities.

University of Tokyo, Japan
Research Associate, Strategic Software Division
(Feb. 02 – Jan. 03)
Research into decentralized network systems, focusing on peer-to-peer, semantic routing, and distributed meta-data in multi-user systems. Supervision of graduate students.

NeuroGrid Consulting, Japan
Head of Research & Development
(Jan. 01 – Jan. 02)
Managed small team to provide consulting services on P2P, distributed AI and Cognitive Psychology to Cerego, Neoteny and Japan Inc.

ValueCommerce, Japan
Information Management & Internet Developer
(Feb. 00 – Jan. 01)
Research into website personalization and development of a high performance, heavy load e-commerce transaction tracking system in Java.

Toshiba Research & Development Centre, Japan
Toshiba Research Fellow
(Feb. 98 – Feb. 00)
Managed small research team developing mobile agents with adaptive learning abilities that formed the basis for an agent-based distributed search engine.

University of Edinburgh, UK
Tutor and Demonstrator
(Oct. 95 – Jan. 98)
Weekly tutorials for Neural Networks and Cognitive Science for groups of 10+ graduate students. Experimental psychology and quantitative methods workshops and demonstrations for undergraduate psychology students


Java 15 years (J2SDK, J2ME, Servlets, JDBC, Tomcat, Jetty, Turbine, J2EE JBoss, Android)
C/C++/Objective C 4 years (iPhone/iPad, Neural Network Simulation Code)
PHP 3 years (Smarty, PEAR)
Ruby 3 years (Rails)
Lisp 1 year
Prolog 1 year
SQL 10 years (Oracle8, PostGreSQL, MySQL, MckoiSQL, MSSQL)
Windows 7 years (NT/2000/XP)
*nix 15 years (redhat/Solaris/Debian)
OSX 5 years

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Journal Articles, Book Chapters and Edited Volumes

S.R.H. Joseph, Y-J Shiung. (2013) Effectiveness of alternatives to extensive reading for retaining English L2 vocabulary: A Research Synthesis and Meta-analysis. Forthcoming.

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S. R. H. Joseph. (1998) Review of “Rethinking Innateness: A Connectionist Perspective on Development” Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. International Journal of Neural Systems 9(1): 248-251.

J. Hurford, S. Joseph, S. Kirby, A. Reid. (1997) Evolution might Select Constructivism. Behavioural & Brain Sciences, 20:567-568.

Conference Publications

Suthers, D. D., Chu, K.-H., & Joseph, S.R.H. (2009) Bridging Socio-Technical Capital in an Online Learning Environment. In Proceedings of the 42nd Hawai‘i International Conference on the System Sciences (HICSS-42), January 5-8, 2007, Waikoloa, Hawai‘i (CD-ROM). New Brunswick: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).

Brewer R.S., Joseph S.R.H., Yang G., Scott N. & Suthers D. (2008) SocialSense: A System For Social Environment Awareness. Presented at Devices that Alter Perception Workshop at the 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing September 21st, 2008 in Seoul, Korea.

Sherstyuk, A., Chu, K., & Joseph, S.R.H. (2008) Virtual Roommates for Ambient Telepresence Applications. 18th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence,Yokohama, Japan, pp. 234-237, December 1-3, 2008.

Sherstyuk, A., Chu, K., & Joseph, S.R.H. (2008) Virtual Mirror for Augmented Presence Applications. International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology. ACE 2008, pp. 410, Yokohama, Japan, December 3-5, 2008.

Chu, K. & Joseph S.R.H. (2008) Second Life Prototyping of Augmented Automobile Navigation Assistance. In Proceedings of the 11th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (Beijing, China, October 12-15, 2008). ITSC 2008.

Chu, K. & Joseph S.R.H. (2008) Using Second Life to demonstrate a concept automobile heads up display (A-HUD). In Proceedings of the 10th international Conference on Human Computer interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2-5, 2008). MobileHCI '08., (pp. 497-498). ACM, New York, NY.

Joseph S.R.H., Lid V., & Suthers D. D. (2007) Transcendent Communities In Proceedings of the Seventh International Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference (CSCL 2007). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

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Joseph S.R.H., Yukawa J., Suthers D. & Harada V. (2006) Searching Emergent Vocabularies: Exploring Methods to Reduce Cognitive Load during Web Navigation and Resource Contribution. In HICSS 39: Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences: 4th -7th Jan: Kauai, USA. Nominated for Best Paper Award.

Joseph S.R.H., Binsted K. & Suthers D. (2005) PhotoStudy: Vocabulary Learning and Collaboration on Fixed & Mobile Devices. In WMTE 2005: Third International IEEE Workshop on Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education: 28th -30th November: Tokushima, Japan.

Joseph S.R.H., Joseph S.H. & Joseph M.H. (2005) Sequencing Vocabulary Instruction: Artificial vs. Real Users. In Student Modelling for Language Tutors Workshop at AIED 2005: 12th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education: 18-22 July: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Joseph S. (2003a) P2P MetaData Search Layers. Second International Workshop on Agents and Peer-to-Peer Computing, Melbourne, Australia.

Joseph S. (2002) NeuroGrid: Semantically Routing Queries in Peer-to-Peer Networks. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Computing (co-located with Networking 2002), Pisa, Italy, May 2002

Joseph S (2001) Adaptive Routing in Distributed Decentralized Systems: NeuroGrid, Gnutella & Freenet. Autonomous Agents 2001, Infrastructure and Scalability Workshop.

Kawamura T., Joseph S., Ohsuga A. & Honiden S. (2000) Evaluating the Fundamental Agent Paradigms. Joint Symposium on Agent Systems and Applications / Mobile Agents (ASA/MA), LNCS No. 1882, pp. 192-205.

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Joseph S., Hattori M. & Kase N. (1999b) A Learning Architecture for Mobile Agents. 2nd Pacific Rim International Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems (PRIMA ’99), 137-148.

Joseph S. R. H., Steuber V. & Willshaw D. J. (1997) The Dual Role of Calcium in Synaptic Plasticity of the Motor Endplate. Computational Neuroscience: Trends in Research, 5:7-12.

Joseph S. R. H. & Willshaw D. J. (1996) The Role of Activity in Synaptic Competition at the Neuromuscular Junction. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 8: 96-102.

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S. Joseph, "System for Tracking Activity of User in Electronic Commerce System." Japanese Patent JP2002157494 (2000)

S. Joseph, "Information Processing Methods and Associated Storage Mechanisms for Agent Systems." Japanese Patent JP2000112904. (1998)

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Grants, Awards, & Fellowships

HiMax Industrial Partnership Grant (2007) $1,334,927
Cerego Japan Industrial Partnership Grant (2006) $150,560
Sprint Hawaii Industrial Partnership Grant (2005) $3,000
Toshiba Research Fellowship (1998)
Medical Research Council (MRC) Studentship (1994)
Engineering, Physics & Science Research Council (EPSRC) Studentship (1993)
Raymond-Hide Prize for Astrophysics (1992)

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