Faculty Highlights

Jiasong Fang, Ph.D.



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Abstracts & Conference Presentations

Fang, J., Dasgupta, S., Brake, S.S., Hasiotis, S.S., and Zhang, L., 2011. Biosynthesis of sterols and wax esters by Euglena of acid mine drainage biofilms: Implications for eukaryotic evolution and the early Earth. Goldschmidt Conference, August 14-19, 2011. Prague, Czech Republic.

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Grants & Awards

2009-2010 Assessing historical changes in the Kawainui Marsh ecosystem: A biogeochemical and paleoecological approach, by the University of Hawaii Sea Grant

2008-2009 MRI: Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer for marine chemistry and lipid biogeochemistry research at Hawaii Pacific University, by National Science Foundation

2005-2006 Fullerene-microbe interactions: implications for disinfection and risk assessment, by National Science Foundation