Student Success Stories: Eric Farmer

Eric Farmer

Eric Farmer
Mountain View, CA
Studying Medicine at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine
Career Goal:Rural Family Physician

Why you chose HPU: 

I was attracted by the personal attention the school guaranteed and the pictures of palm trees on the windward campus. I was truly fortunate to have been accepted to a school that made such a huge impact on my life.

How HPU helped you get to Medical School: 

HPU allowed me to really form relationships with my professors. In the classroom, this put me more at ease to ask questions, and to attend office hours after class since all our professors were truly dedicated to teaching the material, no matter how long it took. On a professional level, I was allowed to volunteer in a chemistry lab, eventually performing graduate level work, to assess a career in chemistry. At the same time, faculty encouraged me to continue volunteering at a local Emergency Room to assess a career in medicine – after making the decision to pursue medicine the entire chemistry faculty supported my decision, while allowing me to continue volunteering in the lab.

Favorite memory of HPU:

There were always different ways to spend time with your friends on the island, it’s impossible to pick just one. Running into professors and genuinely enjoying their company while hiking, at local restaurants, or while paddling out for a surf, is something that you might be hard pressed to find off the island. Meeting up with friends to go for a weekly sailing race out of the Kaneohe Yacht Club. Most of all, knowing that at any given time you could explore on the island and enjoy being in nature.