Student Success Stories: Chih-Wei Chang

Chris Adams

Chih Wei Chang
Cincinnati, OH
Studying Medicine at the John A Burns School of Medicine, Honolulu, HI
Career Goal: Surgeon

Why you chose HPU:

Hawai’i Pacific University provides an American education in an international setting. HPU is one of the most culturally diverse universities in the world. I knew I would enjoy the small class size and benefit from the knowledge, experience, and global literacy based on multi-cultural perspectives.

How HPU helped you get to Medical School: 

HPU provided me with a solid foundation in science and cultivated my critical thinking skills. I also received a lot of support from my professors at HPU.  They really get to know me at a personal level and provided me with individualized guidance.

Favorite memory of HPU:

Definitely the picnic at Kailua Beach Park that the Natural Science Student Association organized every semester. The faculty and staff were invited to attend the event to mingle with the students. There was BBQ grilling, beach volleyball, Frisbee, kayaking, and swimming. It was my first time exploring the windward side of Oahu.