Student Success Stories: Chris Adams

Chris Adams

Chris Adams
Cincinnati, OH
The Royal Veterinary College, University of London

Why you chose HPU: 

The science program challenging and an all-encompassing curriculum. The opportunities were great and they offered a lot of extra-curricular activities alongside our degrees. There was also variety of majors living on campus which allowed a great mixture of people which added greatly to the college experience.

How HPU helped you get to Vet School

I was able to talk with professors and deans about my career goals and they worked with me to help me achieve that. I was also able to study abroad for a semester while at HPU and this was arranged with a lot of help with my teachers and support staff at the college. The education that I received from HPU was crucial to my getting accepted to veterinary school and the support that they gave was also extremely vital: from letters of recommendation to helping me prepare for the GREs and my application to vet school. The best part of HPU was the low student:teacher ratio, this allowed the teachers to get to know each one of us individually which was extremely helpful when it came time to ask for letters of recommendation.

Favorite memory of HPU:

One of my favorite memories from HPU is my senior science beach bash. It was an opportunity for the natural science students to hang out with the professors outside of the classroom. This particular one involved racing after Dr. Bozlee on a swim to flat island and chowing down on the wonderful steak that Dr. Berger provided. The best moment however was when we were playing volleyball. Some of the students had set up a slack line and when I went to run to save a ball from going out-of-bounds little did I know that I was coming up on the slack line. So I hit the slack line at full speed just below my knee which caused me to do a front flip and land on my back. While I was laying in the grass, Dr. Bozlee comes up to me and takes a picture accompanied by the question: “Was it bad that the first thing I thought was, ‘I have to get a picture of this’, before I thought I should check if you were okay?"