Pre-Health Professions Program


 GCMSOur teaching focus is balanced by a cadre of faculty engaged in federally-funded biomedical and chemical research which provides undergraduates with advanced training and research opportunities.

Hands on research experiences in an undergraduate education are recognized and highly valued by health professional schools and at HPU we combine undergraduate teaching with ground breaking research. We feel that it is vital to provide students with an up to date, well-maintained lab space so students and teachers can learn and teach most effectively and efficiently. We pride ourselves on the immaculate (newly remodeled) facilities for advanced courses that resemble those utilized at top research labs, both academic and industrial. These labs are well equipped with cutting edge instrumentation and the same tools being used in professional research labs. The result is active biomedical research programs that not only provide research opportunities for undergraduate students but also rely on undergraduate researchers as the primary force that conducts the highly technical and exciting research we are engaged in.  Our current projects range from discovering molecules of medicinal interest in nature, to making complex molecules (again of medicinal interest) in the lab, to studying the malfunction of proteins in the body that lead to disease.  See our lists of scientific equipment and recent publications from our Biochemistry and Chemistry faculty and students.