Marine Science Research

Marine Science Faculty/Student Research

One of the distinct advantages to students enrolled in HPU's Marine Science programs is the opportunity to work with the HPU faculty in on-site and off-site research projects. Many students actually get hands-on experiences that will be highly invaluable to them as they prepare for careers in the marine sciences. They also are encouraged to be presenters at major conferences and submit papers on their research.

Current research in marine science includes:

Marine debris at-sea distribution and plastic ingestion by seabirds with Dr. David Hyrenbach

Carbonate Chemistry/Climate change with Dr. Chris Winn and Dr. Sam Kahng

Paleoclimate indicators with Dr. David Field

Coral Reef Ecology with Dr. Sam Kahng

Fisheries Management with Dr. Sam Kahng

Deep Sea and Wetland Biomarkers of Ecological Processes with Dr. Jiasong Fang

Seabird and Sea Turtle Ecology with Dr. David Hyrenbach

Natural product chemistry with Dr. David Horgen and Dr. Gideon Berger

Cell responses of marine derived natural products with Dr. Yongli Chen

Characterization of Nitrifying Biofilms in Aquaculture with Dr. Catherine Unabia and Dr. Carrie Jones

Marine mammal biology and toxicology with Dr. Kristi West and Dr. Brenda Jensen

Tropical Fish Aquaculture with Dr. Chatham Callan

Shrimp Aquaculture with Dr. Sean Moss

The above represent a sample of research activities available to HPU students. For additional information on current and past student and faculty research choose from the links on the right.

Marine Science