Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Courses

Kawainui Marsh

Important Courses Offered for B.A. ENVS Majors

ANTH 3115 Culture Religion and the Environment. Required Social Science focus.

BIOL 1500 Introductory Conservation Biology. Highly recommended alternative to BIOL 1000.  Will be required in future.

CHEM 1020 Introductory Environmental Chemistry. Highly recommended alternative to CHEM 1000.  Will be required in future.

COM 3500 Technical Communication. Required; will probably also be offered in Fall 2001.

ENVS 2000/1 Principles of Environmental Science lecture and lab. REQUIRED! SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY END OF SOPHOMORE YEAR.  This course is pre-requisite for all upper division ENVS courses.

ENVS 3803 Photovoltaics Systems Design. This course introduces the fundamental principals of solar energy, photovoltaic modules and the design of a safe, code-compliant photovoltaic system.   The course provides the skills suitable for a supervised, entry level position in the photovoltaic industry, as specified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).  

ENVS 4000 Methods of Environmental Science lecture and lab. New course for B.S. in Environmental Science. B.A. in Envornmental Studies majors may take this with permission of instructor.  Good substitute for GEOG 4700.

ENVS 4100 & 4200 Environmental Studies Seminars. Required; seniors only.

ENVS 4950 Environmental Studies Practicum. Contact ENVS faculty to schedule this.

GEOG 4700 Geographic Information Systems. NOT OFFERED THIS SEMESTER. ENVS 4000 is a possible substitute (see above).

GEOL 1000 Introductory Geology. Required; should be completed before taking ENVS 2000.

ENVS 3800 Environmental Law. Will appear on schedule soon!

MGMT 3600 Natural Resource Management. Required for Management focus.

PHIL 3651 Environmental Ethics. Required; seniors only.