Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is a branch of Chemistry that asks and answers how thousands of different biomolecules -- small, large, and enormous -- organize into thousands of different amazing organisms and biological functions. Those living organisms vary from simple single cells such as bacteria to very complex and fascinating animals -- like mammals -- who are made up of trillions of cells working together in concert. In all organisms, cells sense and respond to tiny changes in their environment, they reproduce, and amazingly, they evolve over time. Surprisingly, all those different living organisms share common properties and a fundamental similarity in their biochemical molecules and the reactions that build them and break them. This is a hint of the fascinating journey you will undergo in the biochemistry degree program.

Biochem lab

What can you do with a Biochemistry degree?

Biochemistry answers fundamental questions about life and how living things function. Therefore, a Biochemistry graduate has the background to enter all life science related fields, including the medical fields and biomedical research. With a bachelor degree in Biochemistry, you can go directly into a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company as a technician or into an academic and governmental research laboratory as a lab assistant or research technician.

On addition you may choose to go on to graduate school to earn a masters or doctorate degree. You may also go to a health professional school such as schools of medicine (D.O. and M.D.), dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine

Nonetheless, those with bachelors or advanced degrees have a very wide list of possible careers to choose from. To list a few categories:

  • Careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology, work in the front lines of fighting disease and developing treatments and cures.
  • All medical professions, such as medicine (D.O. and M.D.), dentistry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine.
  • Academic professions, such as a research professor studying (among many possibilities) disease and human affliction.
  • Environmental Sciences.
  • Careers in law, such a patent law or environmental Law.
  • Careers in Biology and Chemistry Education, Liberal Arts Colleges, Community Colleges, High School.

(For a comprehensive list of specific careers click here!)

Why study biochemistry at HPU?

HPU Loa CampusIn our program, you will receive an exceptional Biochemistry education. As a faculty and a program, our primary focus has always been and continues to be delivering an outstanding and thorough undergraduate education that prepares our graduates to be highly competitive after they leave HPU. Our vision of a solid science education consists of two intertwined parts: classroom learning and laboratory research. This provides students with “real world” scientific experience where students further hone their scientific problem solving skills. This experience will also be recognized and highly valued by prospective graduate schools, medical schools and employers. Furthermore, our active research keeps us as faculty current, engaged, and energized with the latest developments in our fields. (Click here to see recent publications from faculty and students).

This concerted effort towards building our research program has enabled us to amass an impressive array of high tech research instrumentation, the same as found in big pharmaceutical companies and large research labs. With each new instrument acquired we have made a very conscious effort to integrate that instrumentation into the undergraduate course curriculum. This is a less common approach contrary to the other approach of keeping instrumentation only in the arena of research. This harks back to our overriding commitment to maintain and continuously improve our Biochemistry program (for a list of our research instrumentation and the undergraduate courses they are used in click here!).

On a personal level we are a close knit group of faculty that prides ourselves on being outgoing, welcoming and involved with our students, inside and outside the classroom. We strive to provide individualized guidance to our students the moment you enter into our program, on your degree plan, planning and preparation for further professional school and employment, and beyond. (For a list of our faculty in our biochemistry program please click here!)