Gen Ed Plan for Biochemistry Majors

Plan for General Education for BS in Biochemistry

Take the listed courses for those gen ed categories. For the blank categories take an eligible course of your choice, but not more than two with the same alpha and pay attention to the notes column which will help you schedule your cross-theme courses. While students should generally avoid taking additional common core courses in a category they have already filled, this major does require multiple courses that can meet some categories as part of the lower-division major requirements. There is a list of these "extra" courses below the table.

You can save a copy of this file to your computer and update it as you meet the requirements. Choose “print this page” and when the new window opens choose “save as” from the file menu.   



X if taken


Cross-theme requirements

Digital Literacy

CSCI 1011


(You have other courses for Global Systems C.)

Art, Aesthetics and Creativity



Do not take options in Communication Skills C

Common Core Courses

Communication Skills A




Communication Skills B




Communication Skills C

CSCI 1011


Also meets Digital Literacy

Global Systems A

BIOL 2052



Global Systems B




Global Systems C

CHEM 2050



Research and Epistemology A

WRI 1200


Com. Skills A prerequisite

Research and Epistemology B

MATH 2214


MATH 1140 or 1150 pre-requisite

Research and Epistemology C

PHYS 2050



Values and Choices A



Possible AAC option

Values and Choices B



Possible AAC option

Values and Choices C



Possible AAC option

World Cultures A



Possible AAC option

World Cultures B



Possible AAC option

World Cultures C



Possible AAC option

Upper-Division General Education

Upper-Division Research and Writing









Required “extra” common core courses

R&E B:  (Courses in the calculus sequence lower than MATH 2214 if needed); MATH 2215

R&E C:  MATH 1123