Dual Degree (3-2 Engineering)

What Is Engineering All About?

A surprisingly frequent question! Know any Structural Engineers? Electrical Engineers involved in solid state physics? Mechanical engineers specifying HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment in a twenty story high rise? Maybe, maybe not.

A glance at real engineers
Title Length Notes
Tips to Succeed in Engineering (07:36) Hints for students on how to succeed in the challenging field of engineering, good advice if you haven’t heard it all already.
What is an Engineering Degree Worth? (03:32) Is it really worth the investment? Keep an eye on the costs!
Is Engineering Right for Me? (06:28) This author does a great job of presenting the different types of engineering as well as the design and thought process for engineers
Structural Engineer (02:33) A structural engineer explains her role in working with architects and builders.
So You Want To Be A Civil Engineer (06:21) A professional engineer working for the City/State explains her role and the realities of engineering in the real world.
So You Want to Be A Structural Engineer (10:18) What is the difference between a Planning, Electrical or Structural Engineer?
What is Electrical Engineering?  (02:27) Professionals speak broadly about electrical engineering and its many facets from energy distribution to electronics to optical engineering. This video really gives you a feel for all the things electrical engineers can do.
So You Want To Be An Electrical Engineer  (05:42) Just funny, a little sarcastic in parts but true...
Careers in Mechanical Engineering (04:56) Mechanical Engineering has become more interdisciplinary with other fields as machines have changed. Watch to learn more from ME professors.
Engineering Your Future - Chemical Engineer  (08:55) A video interview featuring the work of two female engineers who happen to be twins.
Jokes About Engineers (04:05) Just for fun…
Systems Engineer N/A What does a systems engineer in the aerospace industry do for a living? A short well written interview with a Lockheed Martin Systems Engineer.
Mapping Engineering and other disciplines N/A How does Engineering relate to other disciplines? USC's mapping tool provides a graphical approach to the interconnections of engineering.
Washington University’s J-Term Electrical Engineering course N/A Interested in Electrical Engineering? Consider attending over the Winter term. This core EE course can be transferred into other degree programs. The intensive term also serves as an introduction to Washington University at St Louis.

Interesting Posts from Faculty

This is an area where faculty post articles used for classes that might be of interest to others. It's what's on our mind.

Title Description
Numbers warn of looming collapses Math tools predict when systems are on the brink, ScienceNews, by Rachel Ehrenberg
Bioengineering: The Brittle Star's Apprentice Chemist Joanna Aizenberg mines the deep sea and the forest wetlands for nature's design secrets and uses them to fashion new materials that may change the world. Interview by Garath Cook. Scientific American, February 2012.
A Formula for Economic Calamity Despite the lessons of the 2008 collapse, Wall Street is betting our future on flimsy science. By David H. Freedman. Scientific American, November 2011.
RNA Start Supercomputer simulations are helping scientists unravel how nucleic acids could have contributed to the origins of life. Mechanical Engineering, December 2010.
Why Birds Don't Collide ... and other marvels of applied mathematics and engineering. By Don Boroughs. ASCE PRISM, December 2011.

Links to the world of Applied Math

Title Description
American Society of Chemical Engineers Here are links to the “Big Four” governing societies for engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Other Engineering Societies - Wikipedia listing
Khan Academy A free world-class education for anyone anywhere
Clay Mathematics Institute Dedicated to increasing and disseminating mathematical knowledge
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Building cooperation between mathematics and the world of science and technology
STEM Education is the Key to the U.S.'s Economic Future Article by U.S. News and World Report
Wolfram Mathematica’s online integration tool Only good when you need an answer and the instructor does NOT need to see your work!
More math links Great for browsing on a rainy weekend