Dual Degree (3-2 Engineering)

What Is Engineering All About?

Know any structural engineers? Electrical engineers involved in solid state physics? Mechanical engineers specifying HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment in a twenty story high rise? Maybe, maybe not. Check out what they really do for a living here.

Student in Class

Engineering Your Future – Chemical Engineer (8:56)
A video interview featuring the work of two female engineers who happen to be twins.
Tips to Succeed in Engineering (7:36)
Hints for students on how to succeed in the challenging field of engineering.
What is Electrical Engineering? (2:27)
Professionals speak broadly about electrical engineering and its many facets from energy distribution to electronics to optical engineering. This video really gives you a feel for all the things electrical engineers can do.
Careers in Mechanical Engineering (3:31)
Mechanical Engineering has become more interdisciplinary with other fields as machines have changed. Watch to learn more from ME professors.
Structural Engineer (2:33)
A structural engineer explains her role in working with architects and builders.
Jokes About Engineers (4:05)
Eight jokes (just for fun)