Dual Degree Student Voices

Kwok Cheung

Kwok Cheung
Hong Kong, China
Dual Degree Program

BS Math, 2015
Hawai‘i Pacific University
(U.S. Navy)

Do you want to learn English in an environment where everyone speaks native English? Do you want to be well trained in mathematics so you can succeed in a world class engineering school? I asked myself the same questions three years ago, and HPU is my best answer.

English is my second language, so I understand your concerns. You may be worrying that college textbooks written in English are too hard for you to understand. Writing English papers at the college level seems like a daunting challenge.

English is a difficult language to learn, but HPU can assist you to overcome the challenges. HPU is a popular destination for students from Asia to study English abroad, so our English teachers at HPU are very experienced in helping foreign students. Our teachers are native speakers of American English. At the same time, our teachers also understand your needs because they are familiar with Asian cultures and languages. Our tutor center can proof read your writing too.

Engineering is a great career for you if you have a passion for technology. Of course, engineering is very math intensive. Don’t worry! We have small classes in our math department, so you can get ample help and attention from your professors. Our professors like to know you personally. You are NOT a number to them. You will be impressed by our professors because they are very smart. It is no wonder that they got their Ph.D. degrees from prestigious schools. They also have a passion for teaching, so you will be motivated to do well in their challenging classes. They always make sure that their students get all the help to meet their high standards and expectations, therefore talented and dedicated students will be well equipped for ever-changing technological fields.

As Asians, we always want to honor our parents and families by going to a top-notch university. Top universities in Asia only accept people who score well in hypercompetitive exams. Those schools keep you out simply because you don’t have the robotic memory to do well in rote learning or high stake exams. But you are an intelligent person who can excel at any university. HPU offers you a second chance to prove yourself. After finishing your vigorous math program at HPU and the world-renowned engineering program at USC or WUSTL, a rewarding career in American high-tech sectors await you. Not to mention your parents will be very proud.