Dual Degree Student Voices

Kwok Cheung

Kwok Cheung
Hong Kong, China
Dual Degree Program

BS Applied Math, 2015
Hawai‘i Pacific University
(U.S. Navy)

When I attended high school as a new immigrant, I could barely speak English. As a result, my grades in high school were less than desirable. Many first-generation Americans give up hope for higher education. However, I refused to do the same. After high school, I joined the United States Navy for a few years because I needed time to learn English well enough to attend college.

The navy assigned me to work in Pearl Harbor. Fortunately for me, HPU offered night classes for military members. Best of all, HPU did not ask me for a high school transcript or SAT scores. I did not take this opportunity for granted. In all classes, I did my best.

Because HPU enrolls a large body of foreign students, our writing instructors had experience teaching English as a second language. When my language barrier created some difficulty in my writing classes, my instructors were helpful. HPU also offered a tutoring service. I often asked my tutors to proofread my papers.

With so much help from my classmates and professors, I finally completed my math degree. Thank you with all my heart.