Math Programs

Mathematics Academic Advising

We understand majoring in Mathematics requires a lot of dedication because of the rigorous courses. We also recognize creating academic plans, discerning future endeavors, and utilizing campus resources can seem overwhelming. Therefore, we have a great team of faculty and staff dedicated to your success at HPU!

Patrick Eagle

For questions or assistance with Academic / Course Planning:

Patrick Eagle

Mathematics Academic Advisor
Office: UB 123
Phone: (808) 544-1181 
Tara Davis

For questions about the Pure and Educational Math specialization / Career Planning Advice:

Dr. Tara Davis

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: UB 210A
Phone: (808) 544-0856

Faculty Page: Tara Davis, Ph.D

Dennis Norton

For questions about the Applied and Dual-Engineering Math specialization / Career Planning Advice:

Dr. Dennis Norton

Assistant Professor of Mathematics,
Dual Math Engineering Coordinator
Office: UB 520
Phone: (808) 544-9365

Faculty Page: Dennis Norton, Ph.D.

Bud Jenkins

For questions or problems with Individual Courses, or with Academic Petitions:

Dr. Roland "Bud" Jenkins

Department of Mathematics Chair
Office: UB 210B
Phone: (808) 687-7028

Faculty Page: Bud Jenkins, Ph.D.