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Mathematics Courses at HPU


Course Title Course Title

Math 1101

Math 1102

Math 1105

Math 1106

Math 1115

Math 1123

Math 1130

Math 1140

Math 1150

Math 2007

Math 2214

Math 2215

Math 2216

Math 2220

Math 2326

Math 3301

Math 3110

Math 3220

Math 3240

Fundamentals of College Math

Fundamentals of Mathematics Laboratory

Intermediate Algebra

Intermediate Algebra Laboratory

Survey of Mathematics


Pre-Calculus I

Pre-Calculus II

Pre-Calculus I & II Accel

Math Across the Ages

Calculus I

Calculus II

Calculus III

Proof Writing

Mathematics for Decision Making

Discrete Mathematics

Foundations of Mathematical Logic and Applications

College Geometry

Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teachers

Math 3302

Math 3305

Math 3307

Math 3316

Math 3320

Math 3330

Math 3450

Math 3460

Math 3470

Math 3500

Math 3990

Math 4210

Math 4301

Math 4450

Math 4470

Math 4471

Math 4920

Elementary Number Theory

Linear Algebra

Differential Equations

Problem Solving for Mathematics Teaching

Set Theory

Abstract Algebra

Real Analysis


Applied Statistics

Numerical Methods

Unpaid Internship


Combinatorics and Graph Theory

Complex Analysis

Methods of Applied Mathematics I

Methods of Applied Mathematics II

Math Education Practicum