Marine Science

Master of Science in Marine Science

MSMS Program Objectives 

Hawai'i Pacific University's Master of Science in Marine Science (MSMS) degree program is designed to provide its graduates with the knowledge and skills to be successful in marine-related technical positions in industry, government and education or for entry into doctoral marine science programs. This research-based program emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning through the completion of an original thesis project under the mentorship of an experienced marine science researcher. Individualized programs of study ensure that each student has the best possible preparation based on their interests, background and abilities.

Marine science faculty and researchers in the College of Natural Sciences and the Oceanic Institute currently work in many fields critical to the understanding and sustainable use of marine resources and systems including aquaculture, marine biogeochemistry, marine natural product chemistry, benthic ecology, spatial ecology, coral reef ecology, inorganic carbon cycle dynamics, phycology, environmental microbiology, toxicology, marine mammal physiology, and ichthyology.

The program is designed to be completed in 4-6 semesters for full time graduate students, depending on the nature of the research project and the student’s time commitments.
In the first year students take a core course sequence and complete a proposal for their thesis research topic. Thesis research is conducted through the next year, culminating in oral and written presentation of a thesis. Full-time students will take the equivalent of three classes per semester. Research facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories at the Windward Oahu Hawaii Loa campus and the Oceanic Institute; classes are held at both locations. (link to Oceanic Institute)