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HPU student team wins computing competition for fourth time, shows well nationally. Under the leadership of Curt Powley, Ph.D., Hawai‘i Pacific University took first place Saturday at the Hawai‘i site of this year’s ACM International Collegiate ProgrammingContest (ICPC) for the second year in a row and fourth time since 2003. (Full story)

What is Computer Science?

Computer Science brings Computers to life.

Computers themselves are rather bland little processors that follow simple instructions and do simple,  math accurately and really, really, really fast.  Computer Science is both the science and the art of creating and streamlining programs for these zippy little processors, programs that can do good things for humanity.  Computer Science is also about problem solving.  By studying and developing computer software we explore and analyze techniques for solving problems and expanding human capabilities.

What can I do with Computer Science?

You can change the world!  Ever heard of the Internet?  Cell phones?  Facebook? 

You can entertain the world, creating things like Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Tetris, Call of Duty, and Battlefield3.  You can make daily life more efficient by creating apps and tools for maps and directions, cell phones, video chatting, emailing, and Siri.  You can bring artists and audiences together - writers, musicians, and designers no longer need publishers, record labels, and galleries, since computer scientists have figured clever ways to bring their work directly to the public, like mp3s, Spotify, and Pinterest.  You can help people keep in touch with both close friends and the whole world by working on tools like email, Skype, Voxer, StumbleUpon.  And for the science geeks among us, you can work on predicting the weather or directing a rover to explore Mars.

One of our students writes this: "With Computer Science, I know I can develop a foundation for anything related to technology, and with that, it will further allow me to aid in societal development as we grow toward a reliance on technology in our everyday lives. I can create applications to assist citizens in our everyday tasks. I can ensure the security of our network users as we browse the World Wide Web on a daily basis. I can save the world."

By the way, computer science isn't just for guys. Some of the best computer scientists in the world are women. CS Students

Why study Computer Science at HPU?

  • Smaller class sizes where you get attention from real professors, not just TAs.
  • Passionate faculty with real-world backgrounds bring you relevant experience from the high-tech world.
  • Small group, "Directed Studies" provide you close student-faculty study of advanced topics..
  • Opportunities for you to work with accomplished professors on research, real-life projects, or individualized projects.
  • You can hang out and eat pizza in the Computer Club, while building exciting applications with your cool computer science classmates.
  • Team Sports! HPU has won the Hawaii site (four times in nine years) and placed well in the regionals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming competition.
  • The urban, yet laid-back Honolulu business environment has opportunities for you with internships and work experience.
  • When not concentrating on your academics, the tropical Hawaiian adventure is waiting for you to explore.
  • And overall, HPU has a well rounded education system where you are learning a general, desirable skill of problem solving.