Professional Development

Community Engagement Initiatives

The School of Social Work at Hawai‘i Pacific University fosters collaborative partnerships to provide vehicles for community engagement with the social and human services community of Hawai‘i and University faculty in order to make a significant impact on the needs of the community of Hawai‘i. 

The first initiative creates a resource opportunity which is available to respond to requests from community organizations, agencies, and programs for assistance with:

  • Program Planning and Development
  • Evaluation – guidance and assistance to carry out program, policy, and project evaluation.
  • Research – guidance and assistance to design and carry out research to address community and/ or agency needs.
  • Assessment – guidance and assistance to design and carry out community and agency needs assessment.

Faculty is available to co-lead program, practice, evaluation, and research initiatives with community partners, to provide technical assistance, or provide training in each of the resource areas. School of Social Work faculty expertise are matched to the needs expressed by programs and organizations within the community with an emphasis on including students in projects providing significant service learning opportunities.

Please address your questions to Dr. Michaela Rinkel, BSW Director at or Dr. Patricia Nishimoto, MSW Director at Detailed contact information can be found via the Faculty and Administration link.

Example Projects

Click here to read through a Needs Assessment report conducted for C.H.O.W.

Click here to read through a Research Report conducted for Lighthouse.