School of Social Work: Practicum Experience

Field Placement Information (FPI) Forms
Field Placement Information forms initiate the student-driven process of beginning practicum work.  The FPI is used to generate a conversation between the student and Field Practicum Director about potential practicum sites that may fit the student's interest and experience.  The form is required for placement at a practicum site and is due to your HPU Field Coordinator on or before the date listed on the form.

Practicum Assignment Forms
Practicum Assignment forms are agreements that formalizes at what practicum site the student is placed and is signed by the student, BSW or MSW Practicum Coordinator, and the Agency Representative.

Request to Use Your Place of Employment for Practicum Form
Employed with an agency that may fit the criteria for practicum? Use this form for your proposal to complete your field instruction at your place of employment. Make sure to schedule a meeting to talk about the proposal with your HPU MSW or BSW Field Coordinator, too.

Learning Agreement Contracts
Learning Agreement Contracts are joint documents that are instrumental for the student and Field Instructor/Practicum Site Supervisor to develop the objectives and tasks of the practicum experience based on the School of Social Work practice behaviors.  It is expected that the Learning Agreement is developed collaboratively by the student and Field Instructor/Practicum Site Supervisor and completion of the document is required for every practicum.

Print the LAC once the form is filled out, do not save.  Saving a filled-out LAC will erase all inputted information.

  • Sample Learning Agreement Contract for 3900
  • Sample Learning Agreement Contract for 4900
  • Sample Learning Agreement Contract for 6900
  • Sample Learning Agreement Contract for 7900

Midterm Practicum Site Visit Evaluation Form

The midterm evaluation is a formal verbal conference that will be conducted at the agency with the Practicum Field Instructor, the Student, and a faculty member from HPU School of Social Work.  The Midterm Evaluation Form is a template and worksheet that is used to guide the discussion. Be sure to bring your copy to the meeting!

Competencies/Practice Behaviors Practicum Assessment (PBPA) Survey Forms
PBPA survey forms are a way for Field Instructors/Practicum Site Supervisors and students to evaluate performance in the field based on practice behaviors.  It is a requirement for Field Instructors/Practicum Site Supervisors and Students to complete the PBPA at the end of every semester. Students will complete paper forms provided to them by their HPU Practicum Instructor. Field Supervisors will complete online forms (click here for Field Supervisor forms).

Practicum Timesheet
Log your field hours with the timesheet available here for printing.

Request to Extend Practicum to meet required field hours
Use this form to request a practicum placement extension.

Request to Terminate Practicum or Change Agency Form

Please use this form to document your intent to dissolve your practicum or change to another practicum.  You will be required to discuss your intentions with your Practicum Field Coordinator, HPU Practicum Instructor, and with your HPU Practicum Coordinator. 

Practicum Agencies
As the School of Social Work prepares students to become professional social workers we form partnerships with a large number of social service agencies. These agencies enter into a legal agreement with Hawaii Pacific University to provide practicum to both BSW and MSW students within specific requirements. We cannot accomplish our mission without their continuous participation, commitment and dedication to the education of future social workers.