Bachelor of Social Work: Admission to the Program

Social work is a demanding profession that requires both academic preparation and emotional maturity. While students may choose social work as their major before their junior year, they must complete the following criteria before continuing to the upper-division courses:

  1. Successful completion of the program’s lower-division requirements, which include a foundation in the liberal arts and social sciences. At least WRI 1100 and 1200, plus one course in the social sciences, are necessary for admission.
  2. Successful completion of SWRK 2000, The Profession of Social Work. This course, normally taken during the sophomore year, introduces students to the nature, demands, values, and fields of practice of the profession. During the course, students are encouraged to consider whether they wish to commit to social work as a professional goal.
  3. At the end of SWRK 2000 students who are interested to continue in the BSW program, submit an application and cover letter to the BSW Program Director. An outline for the letter is provided in the SWRK 2000 course.
  4. The BSW Program Admissions Committee reviews the application and may request an interview with the applicant to determine if the student has the aptitude to be a Social Worker. The accepted student will be assigned to a Social Work Advisor who will help determine course placement.
  5. Transfer Students: A personal interview with the BSW Program Director is required for transfer students. Please submit an application to begin the review process.

Click here for the BSW Program Application in PDF format.