School of Social Work: Our Alumni

Our alumni are very active in all levels of society here in Hawaii and across the world from working in human service to business to public service. Wherever they go, they engage in meaningful and often life-changing work for themselves and the people they serve!


Shubheksha “Subu”

Subu is the Program Manager of SAATH, Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently, Subu is leading the projects “Youth-led Campaign against Drug Use” and “Youth-led Positive Living Campaign”.  She has trained social work students from 4 different colleges to mobilize them for organizing school-based and community-based awareness programs on HIV & AIDS, Drugs and Sexual Exploitation. Subu’s some of the areas of expertise are Fund Raising and Grant Writing, Networking, Training, Administrative Work, and Program Monitoring and Evaluation. She is also an Adjunct Faculty at Thames International College, Kathmandu, Nepal. She teaches Social Work Methodology and supervises practicum students. 

Lachuu Rana with President Carter


Lachhindra “Lachhu” is currently the Executive Director of SAATH, Kathmandu, Nepal. SAATH is a youth-led social work organization established in 2004. Lachhu is passionate to work for youth leadership development, intercultural understanding, post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding in Nepal. He recently represented Nepal at UNAOC Global Forum and Youth Event in Vienna. Beside his work at SAATH, Lachhu is a research consultant for Aflatoun, Child Social and Financial Education, Netherlands. He is also an Adjunct Faculty at Thames International College, Kathmandu, Nepal. He teaches Social Work Research for undergraduate students at the college. 

Notis Notis (Panagiotis) Pentaris, MSW Graduate, May 2010 "I am a PhD Researcher and a Teaching Assistant at Goldsmiths, University of London. I am conducting qualitative research related to how individuals perceive, interpret, and reflect on death, dying, and bereavement, from a multicultural and multiethnic perspective. Also examining, qualitatively, how professionals plan, implement and allocate the services addressed to potential systems that have multicultural characteristics. I am also working on side research projects, mainly focused on thanatology, gay widowhood, and human rights. I have lectured and planning lectures with London College, London School of Economics, Goldsmiths, and Queen Mary College, and I am giving oral presentations to conferences. My next one is on death and dying in the Netherlands. I am also a support worker and coordinator for Care UK, which is a private sector of social welfare here. On the side, I have become a Doctoral Student Coordinator for my Department, which is Social, Therapeutic, and Community Studies (STaCS). I am volunteering once per week, for LGBTQ support, with the LGBTQ forum of Islington. Not much, but rewarding!"

Paula Stockman Allerstorfer


Paula Stockman Allerstorfer, MSW Gradute, May 2010, will begin her techology enhanced Ph.D. program at the University of Utah May 2010. She currently has been working on access to education and social entrepreneurship for scheduled caste females in the Indian state of Chhattisgrah.

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May 2009 MSW graduate Nancy McNamara

Nancy McNamara, MSW Graduate, May 2009 "The MSW program at Hawai’i Pacific University offers a unique opportunity to study and practice the art and science of social work in a multicultural environment that I know will serve me well throughout my career. I have gained great perspective in working with diverse populations not only in my field practicums, but also from my fellow students and professors. The depth of experience that our professors bring to the classroom, along with the life experience of the students, merge to provide an educational opportunity that can be found in no other place."

 Crystal Duncan, MSW Graduate, August 2009, is currently working as a vocational rehabilitation counselor for Arbor E & T. Arbor E & T is an organization contracted by the state to help people with mental and physical disabilities become self sufficient.


Janina M. Martin, MSW Graduate, August 2007, is currently working as a full time instructor for the Early Childhood Education program at Honolulu Community College. She also the Director for the on-campus Children's Center (Keiki Hau'oli) which serves as a lab for their up and coming preschool and infant/toddler teachers.

Picture of James Bibbee

Jim Bibbee, BSW Graduate, 2008, was named Community Support Coordinator at Misawa Air Base, Japan in March, 2013.  Jim manages functions related to service member & family resilience and overall community readiness for approximately 10,000 beneficiaries.  He analyzes issues across a broad spectrum of community resilience and readiness; coordinates base-level resilience efforts including mental, physical, social, and spiritual fitness initiatives; instructs the Comprehensive Airman Fitness curriculum; and designs & implements the base-level Wingman Day Program.