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Grace Cheng, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science

Ph.D., Political Science, University of Hawaii at Manoa; M.A. Asian Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa
B.S., Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics (Major in Chinese)       


Dr. Cheng teaches various political science and international studies courses, including:  Contemporary Nations: China;  International Human Rights;  Political Development;  International Law; and Islam and Politics.

Dr. Cheng's specialization is in comparative politics, with particular attention to Vietnam, China, and Asia generally.  Her interest is in comparative perspectives on human rights, peace and security.  She has studied, conducted language study and research in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, where she also served as coordinator of a Short-Term Seminar on Vietnamese History and Society for college-level educators, funded by the Fulbright-Hays Grant for Programs Abroad. Dr. Cheng has also lectured and advised on developing curricular content for peace studies programs at the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, International Institute of Peace and Development Studies in Thailand, and Tribhuvan University in Nepal.


During the summer of 2002, Dr. Cheng received a National Endowment to the Humanities (NEH) Fellowship to participate in an Institute on The Impact of Islam on State Formation and Societal Transformation at the University of Chicago.  She also participated in two other programs sponsored by the NEH and the East-West Center to develop curriculum for her course on "Islam and Politics."  Dr. Cheng has presented papers at two international conferences on human rights at Mofid University in the Islamic Republic of Iran and has written about Iranian views on the 2008 US presidential election.  She serves as a resource person for programs organized by the Asian Muslim Action Network, which is based in Thailand and has branches throughout Asia.


Other selected publications include: Nationalism and Human Rights:  In Theory and Practice in Central Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific (2012); and "Interpreting the Ethnicization of Social Conflict in China:  Ethnonationalism, Identity, and Social Justice" (2013).  Dr.Cheng is proficient in Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Minnan Chinese.