Social Sciences Department: Chair's Message

Dr. Carlos Juarez

Aloha! Welcome the home page of the Department of Social Sciences at HPU.

We are a global learning community where students and faculty combine their intellectual curiosity to foster greater awareness and understanding of a range of socio-cultural, political, and global issues. Our programs are broad-based and interdisciplinary, challenging students to think critically and to take their place as citizens of the world.

Hawaii is such a great place to study culture and world affairs. We are at the crossroads of East and West, but also between North and South, a gathering place of cultures and a true laboratory of where the world is heading.  Indeed, the future of the world is already here!

I encourage you to browse the various program pages to learn about our academic degree programs, our faculty, as well as our students and alumni.  The Department houses programs in the discipline areas of Anthropology, Geography, International Relatons, International Studies, Justice Administration, Sociology, and Global Leadership and Sustainable Development. We also contribute to academic programs in Diplomacy and Military Studies and support a graduate certificate programs in National Security and Strategic Studies (NSSS). 

Of course, our faculty and students are the real story. HPU faculty bring passion and a wealth of life experience and practical skills to the table, and include many former Peace Corps volunteers, Fulbright scholars, and many visiting international scholars.  Our students come from all over, sharing their energy and enthusiasm for learning, and move on to exciting careers in all areas of international affairs.

I encourage you to browse our web pages for more details, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at or at (808) 566-2493.