MerryAnn Jancovic Award in Psychology

MerryAnn Jancovic Award in Psychology


HPU is pleased to announce the first annual MerryAnn Jancovic Award in Psychology. The University offers this scholarship to degree-seeking Psychology students who have demonstrated the highest principles of service to others, as a caring person seeking to relieve pain and suffering through volunteer service, internship, or an equivalent activity in the community. The scholarship amount is up to $2,000. Please forward this announcement to Psychology majors and announce in your classes. Applicants must be majoring in Psychology – see eligibility requirements below.

This award honors Dr. MerryAnn Jancovic, who was Associate Professor of Psychology. A long-time and highly-respected member of the faculty, Dr. Jancovic’s tenure began in the early days of Hawai'i Loa College and continued with Hawai‘i Pacific University. She lived in Hawai‘i for 28 years.  Originally from Chicago, she graduated from Vassar College and received the Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Clark University. Dr. Jancovic was much loved and highly respected by students and faculty colleagues who gave high praise to her excellence as a teacher. And she was a gifted psychotherapist who was known for her dedication to serving others – to relieving human pain and suffering and to promoting healing. She was also a pianist and a horsewoman. And she was well-known for her brilliance, her commitment to excellence, and a grand sense of humor shared with students, colleagues, and friends alike. Dr. Jancovic passed away in the Spring of 2009.

Application information can be found here

Download the application here

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Undergraduate applicants must be a full-time student at HPU.

2. Major in Psychology.

3. Minimum 3.50 grade point average (GPA).

4. Two (2) letters of recommendation.

5. Submit an essay of 300 to 500 words.

6. Demonstrate the highest principles of service.


Application: Hawai’i Pacific University

Scholarships Office

1164 Bishop Street, Suite 210 (UB Bldg)

Honolulu, HI 96813

(808) 566-2430



Deadline: Monday Morning, March 29th. Application, essay and references must be received by the Scholarships Office by this date. Note that HPU offices are closed on Thursday and Friday, March 25-26 for Spring Break. If applications cannot be mailed in time, please hand deliver to the Scholarships Office.

Questions? Contact Dr. Nancy Hedlund (