TESOL Networking

StudentWorkMA TESOL former students Chris Ferry, Dan Dao, and Miryeong Lee 
with their published textbook, "Global English," for Korean Learners of English 

TESOL students at HPU engage in multiple social and professional activities outside of class and stay connected through the following networks:

ITO (Intercultural Teachers Organization) is the student club that connects all students and faculty members in the TESOL programs. ITO organizes social events, hikes, Open Mic forums, community services, and professional development activities for all members.

AL Talks (Applied Linguistics Talks) is a bi-weekly event for all TESOL students and faculty members, where professors, guest speakers, and students share their research, projects, and practical teaching tips. HITESOL2015

The HPU TESOL Facebook page is the networking site for TESOL past and current students and faculty, where we post news and announcements about:

    • ongoing academic and social activities in the TESOL programs, such as the TESOL Social, Capstone Events
    • AL (Applied Linguistics) Talks by TESOL faculty and students
    • ITO (Intercultural Teachers Organization), our student organization
    • student and faculty news, alumni news
    • TESOL resources
    • volunteer opportunities

and more.

The job e-mail list sends out updated announcements about local, national, and international jobs. To subscribe to the list, please contact Prof. Ken Cook. TESOLGraduates

TESOL students in the news: