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The Hawaii Pacific University TESOL Working Paper Series publishes papers related to the field of second language teaching, particularly the teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). It is published annually by the TESOL programs in the Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics.



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Volume 11, 2013
:Hanh thi Nguyen
Assistant Editor
: Brian Rugen

Hanh thi Nguyen


A Corpus-based Analysis of the Evaluative Adjectives Interesting and Nice in Written and Spoken English
Linh Ai Tran

ABSTRACT: The ability to use of evaluative adjectives in giving praise or positive comments is an important aspect of language use. This paper focuses on the use of two near-synonymous evaluative adjectives, interesting and nice, in academic writing and speaking.  The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA), the Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English (MICASE), Google Books, and a mini-corpus consisting of over 50 conversations were used for an analysis of the grammatical and functional patterns of interesting and nice in giving evaluations.  Based on the analysis, I present a set of teaching materials for about five hours of instruction that are designed to increase students’ attention to, and usage of, these two adjectives.

Developing Extensive Listening for EFL Learners Using Internet Resources
Yen (Ingrid) Vo

ABSTRACT: With Internet resources, EFL learners can enhance their extensive listening both inside and outside the classroom. In this paper, I first review the literature and show the benefits of and rationales for extensive listening using Internet recourses in comparison with audio-only listening materials regarding visual support, authentic content, comprehensible input, vocabulary acquisition, and student motivation.  I then suggest some Internet sources and materials for extensive listening. Finally, the paper concludes with sample teaching activities that demonstrate how Internet resources can be used in and beyond the classroom in student-centered instruction to develop extensive listening for EFL learners.

Titles as Metaphors for Structures in the Music of John Coltrane
Kenneth William Cook & Russell Thomas Alfonso

ABSTRACT: Lakoff and Johnson (1980) have shown that we live by metaphors, i.e. we use metaphors to understand our physical, emotional, and social worlds. Extending that analysis to music, we argue that jazz saxophonist John Coltrane (1926-1967) used metaphors when he named his compositions. In particular, we propose that the titles Equinox, Fifth House, and Giant Steps can be seen as metaphors for musical structures found in those pieces. This extended use of metaphor interconnects verbal language and the language of music and has applicability in the realm of language learning and teaching.


A Review of “Teaching Social Studies to English Language Learners
Kaile A. Chong


Preparing Students for Job Interviews

Candis K. L. Lee

Teaching Unit
Kristian Howland, Yukiko Oki, Tyson P. Umberger, Vanessa Balagtas, Rahma Kadir