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TESOL (Applied Linguistics)

Department of English and Applied Linguistics

Volume 7, Issue 2, Fall 2009

Editors: Hanh thi Nguyen & Candis L. K. Lee

Hanh thi Nguyen & Candis L. K. Lee

Negotiation for meaning and second language acquisition in a family conversation
Eric T. Bentkowski

ABSTRACT: This study examines the meaning negotiation devices used by three bilingual family members of different
proficiency levels of English and Japanese as they had breakfast. The participants utilized a range of negotiation devices, including reformulations, clarification requests, confirmation checks, and lexical substitutions. It was also discovered that gestures and onomatopoeic sounds were crucial devices for meaning negotiation, a finding that extends research on negotiation for meaning. The study shows that each participant seemed to have learned new language knowledge that resulted from the negotiation for meaning. The focal learner in particular is shown to retain one of the two alternative forms used in the negotiation for meaning, perhaps due to social factors. This study suggests that further research incorporating a wider variety of sociolinguistic contexts and parameters could prove beneficial to the field of Second Language Acquisition.

Assessing English language learners for a learning disability or a language issue
Sarah Mariah Fisher

ABSTRACT: This paper aims to increase awareness about English language learners (ELLs) who have difficulty with learning English as a result of a learning disability. I first look at what factors often lead to the misdiagnosis of learning disability. I then include an evaluation checklist for teachers who notice that an ELL is not learning at the same rate as his or her peers. Teachers who are aware of their ELLs’ backgrounds and the expected progress of language learning will be better equipped to diagnose students correctly and offer them the help that is needed.

The Oxford English Dictionary: Defining moments
Elizabeth Ann Tuthill

ABSTRACT: This paper reviews important events in the making of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). I trace the development of the OED from its conceptual stage to its current stage. By revisiting the controversies and uncertain moments that the OED project went through and by sketching the portraits of some of the key individuals involved in the project, I wish to highlight the fact that the OED itself is embedded in its social and historical context.

Teaching activities: Tropical Nations in Winter Olympics
Sachiko Sawamura