History Department: Minors

The History Department hosts three different minors for undergraduates.

Minor in History

A History Minor is an excellent addition to a wide range of majors in the Humanities and Social Sciences. It adds breadth and depth in research and writing skills. In addition, it broadens students’ knowledge of the past, thereby enhancing understanding of the present and informing debate about future potentialities. 

Degree Requirements

Minor in Gender and Women's Studies

The Gender and Women's Studies minor at Hawai'i Pacific University provides students with an inter- and multi-disciplinary framework with which to explore the construction of gender and sexuality and how these relate to power. While most of the courses in the minor will be based in the traditional disciplines, students will be encouraged to link the perspectives and methodologies of gender and women's studies across these disciplines. The minor will expose students to a variety of theoretical approaches to the study of women's and men's economic, political, social and cultural roles. Students will explore how sex roles engender and are engendered by economic, political, social and cultural institutions. Students in the minor will also understand how gender is situated within the categories of race, class, ethnicity and sexuality; and obtain a comparative and international perspective on the study of gender.

Degree Requirements

Minor in Diplomacy and Military Studies

A Minor in Diplomacy and Military Studies compliments a wide range of majors in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Its interdisciplinary courses, which  examine the role of the military as an institution within society, add breadth to majors such as History, Humanities, Political Science, International Relations, International Business, Justice Administration, and International Studies.

Degree Requirements

Minor in American Studies

A minor in American Studies provides students with interdisciplinary courses, and will take a social science approach to American culture.  This minor complements several of Hawai'i Pacific University's majors, and will engage student interest in the field and inform future decisions about additional programs in American Studies or related disciplines.

Degree Requirements