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Eng 2101: Representations of Pacific Life

MWF 10:45-11:40 am with Dr. Patrice Wilson, LB 610

Papua New Guinean landscape

     Interested in an introduction to the literature in English of some Pacific cultures, including Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori New Zealand, Cook Island Maori, Solomon Islander, Fijian, and Papua New Guinean? We will study works that express six themes concerning Pacific ways of knowing: land, relationships, spirituality, the mind/body question, the power of words, and the utility of knowledge. We will examine how Pacific places have been re-presented in modern Western media, and compare/contrast them with the texts by native Pacific authors/filmmakers. You will develop interpretive skills through discussion and writing assignments. This class has been taught with great student interest and appreciation in the past, so expect to have a great experience!  This course meets the requirement for World Cultures A: Cultures, Themes and Movements and also meets the Art. Aesthetic and Creativity Cross-Theme.

Paikea from film WHALE RIDER  A Solomon Islands Dancer