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Want to laugh (and watch TV) while you learn?

Ever wondered why something’s funny—or isn’t?

Curious regarding what humor reveals about culture?

 Get serious about comedy this summer in

ENG 3206 British Comic Literature

Dr. Kathleen Cassity will offer this course simultaneously in two modes: in the classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays and online.

The two courses will share a website and will both take place in Summer I from May 20- July 6. Sign up for the format that fits your schedule.


Join us for a CHALLENGING AND FUN summer term in which we read, view, analyze, discuss, and laugh! We’ll study textual, stage, sitcom & movie comedy from Britain—famous for its offbeat humor—and explore what humor can teach us about cultural values, cross-cultural differences, gender roles, social class, the human psyche, the implications of censorship, and more. Texts include bawdy medieval literature, 19th century plays, theories of humor, comic novels, even Monty Python, and beyond.

British comedians