English Department: Why Study English at HPU?

Here we offer four reasons. By exploring our site you can get a taste of the literary life at HPU, meet some of our majors, review our curriculum, see a "Who's Who" of department faculty, and learn what well-known people majored in English in college.

1 Choice and Flexibility

  • Requirements focus on concepts, rather than on specific texts or courses, so they can be fulfilled through many different combinations of courses.
  • Students can specialize in literature, writing, film—whatever suits them.
  • Minimum requirements, maximum electives.

2 Global Orientation       

  • An emphasis on student writing means that the content of all courses is as diverse as HPU’s student body. 
  • A two-semester world literature survey serves as the foundation for the major.
  • Courses include British and American Literature, Asian Dramatic Literature, Asian Literature in Translation, Seminar in Postcolonial Literature, Modern Chinese Writers, and Modern Japanese Fiction.

3 Emphasis on Writing

  • Program offers extensive opportunities for creative writing as well as options in professional and technical writing.
  • Students who want to work even more extensively on their writing can complete the Writing Minor by taking only four additional courses.

4 Option to move right into Master of Education 4 + 1 Program

  • Students may opt to take only five years to get their English B.A. and their Master of Education degree in teaching English by enrolling in the Education Program’s 4 + 1 Program (contact Dr. Valentina Abordonado, vabordonado@hpu.edu)


  1. Complete the general education common core consisting of one course in each of fifteen common core categories as well as two cross-theme requirements. Click here for eligible courses for each requirement or here for a full description of the general education program.
  2. No more than two courses with the same alpha (the alphabetic prefix such as HIST or BIOL) may be applied toward the Common Core requirements. Click here for a listing of all the general education alphas.
  3. Some of the courses required for this major are also applicable to the general education core. When students count a course in both places instead of choosing a different general education course, they increase the number of unrestricted elective credits available. These potential overlaps are indicated parenthetically after the name of the course in the list of lower division major requirements.  Click here for detailed advice for students who wish to maximize overlap between general education and major requirements.

 For a B.A. in English, please refer to the list of requirements.

Program Rationale and Objectives

English, a language of global culture, commerce, and international relations, is the focus of the HPU English major. An important literary language of India, Africa, and the Caribbean as well as Great Britain and North America, English is also the adopted tongue of many writers across the globe and a language into which texts from many other literatures are translated. English majors study the language by tracing its historical development in the literature of various cultures and encountering texts in diverse historical, cultural, theoretical, and practical contexts. Throughout their course of study, students practice critical, analytical, and creative writing as preparation for a variety of careers and graduate programs.

For a full list of the program rationale and objectives and the head of the department contact information please refer to the program rationale and objectives.