English Department News

Spring 2014 Events

 Two Plays written by Professor Mark Tjarks, The Slip and It Was the Perfect Crime, to be presented this May

The Slip and It Was the Perfect Crime, will be presented at PlayBuilders' Festival of Plays 2014 at Leeward Community College, May 8-10.  The plays will be directed by Kevin Keaveney and feature Jo Pruden, winner of numerous Po'okela awards for acting.

     The Slip won the Best Comedy Award at the fourth biennial Kauai Shorts Festival (2013) and was presented at the Aloha OPF XX (20th Original Play Festival) on the Big Island.

     A successful pickpocket/entertainer infiltrates a Senator's private lunch with a proposition. Things turn ominous as the line between his act and a security threat blur.

     It Was the Perfect Crime, a parody of the longest running murder mystery in New York was presented at Aloha OPF XX (20th Original Play Festival) on the Big Island.

     Four actors have found themselves trapped in the longest-running play in New York (27 years) with no end sight, leading them to believe that a real murder may be the only way to end this murder mystery.

Scriptwriting Contest Winners Announced

The names of the winners of the 2013 Short Script Writng Contest have been released.

Fall 2013 Events

Student reading November 13 12:55-1:55 Warmer Auditorium (LB Penthouse)
Come join us at this year's student reading! For one hour, students will be reciting their own works and will have the opportunity to enjoy the prose and poetry of their fellow classmates. There will be pizza provided to all those who attend (please bring your own beverage). If you would like to participate in the readings, please contact Andy Opitz at aopitz@hpu.edu or call 554-0812. This event is sponsored by the HPU English Department.

   Majors Meeting October 28 10:45-12:30 FS Conference Room, 2nd floor

Faculty Reading November 6 2-2:55 Warmer Auditorium


Capstone Symposium

English majors Cassie Chang, Nick Becher and Grace Jo pose with Dr. Cassity after the first Capstone Symposium. Four English majors were selected to present, including Lindsey Appleton, who is not pictured. Congratulations to all our presenters, especially Nick who won second place.

Spring 13 Events

Wanderlust Release Party Fresh Cafe Sunday Feb. 24, 3:00-5:00.

Lois-Ann Yamanaka Reading Thursday Feb. 28, Warmer Auditorium 12:15-1:30 p.m.

Faculty Reading Thursday, March 14, Warmer Auditorium  12:30-1:55 p.m.

Tinfish Anthology Reading, Monday, March 18, Warmer Auditorium 1-2 p.m.Majors Meeting TBA

Student Reading TBA

Scriptwriting Contest Winners Announced

The names of the winners of the 2012 Short Script Writing Contest Winners have been released.

Wanderlust release party

Advertisement for Wanderlust Release party. Student editors and contributors gathered with faculty advisor Tyler MchMahon on Feb. 24 to celebrate the publication of the tenth edition of Wanderlust, HPU's student literary magazine. This issue features the work of 28 HPU students majoring in Marine Biology, Pyschology, Social Science, international Studies, Cinematic Production and, of course, English. If you'd like to be involved in editing and producing next year's magazine, sign up for WRI 3391 in Fall 2013.




Lois Ann Yamanaka visits HPU

Lois Ann Yamanaka with Student

Local author Lois Ann Yamanaka poses with a student who attended her talk on February 28 in Waremer Auditorium.

Faculty Reading

The spring faculty reading will feature Tyler McMahon reading fiction, Patrice Wilson reading poetry and Deborah Ross reading creative non-fiction. This semester's reading is scheduled for 12:30-1:55 in Warmer Auditorium on Thursday March 14.

Fall 12 Events

Faculty Reading October 15, 2012, Warmer Auditorium

Majors Meeting October 20, 2012, Warmer Auditorium

Student Reading November 16, 2012 LB Mezz 2

English Department Student Reading a Hit

Student Reading

The Student Reading on Monday, November 16, filled the venue with applauding and pizza-munching students and faculty from 12:55-1:50. The six readers above are the following: Nick Becher, who read poems “Moku” and “Kaua,” both about living in Hawai‘i; Lindsey Appleton, who read a poem in response to the garden of Eden and a sonnet inspired by Dr. Houston Wood; Daniel Gage, who began the reading with poems about God, sex addiction and depression; Shay Kauwe and Dana Ahlin who both read a co-written poem titled “To the Man Who Stood Me Up and the Man Who Sat Me Down”; and Demi Grace Delos Santos, who ended the reading with a short poem. The amount of creativity among our students has always been noteworthy, and not just English majors either! Keep an eye out for next semester’s invitation to read and/or to join us for another reading.

Professors, Power Point, and Pizza at English Majors Meeting

Majors Meeting

A very informative English Majors Meeting was held in Warmer Auditorium on Monday, October 29, 2012, with introductions between students and faculty, faculty talks about next semester’s courses, and a detailed presentation of what you can do with an English Major upon graduation. There are a number of areas that English Majors can go into—many people do not know about this, but English is a very practical major. About 12 students and 8 faculty interacted and saw the Power Point show, while munching on free pizza. Majors and others interested in the major can look forward to future meetings like this, so watch out for information about them!

Spring 12 Recap

Spring 12 opened with the annual book swap followed by the Ko'olau Workshops featuring Tyler McMahon. A large number of students joined writers form the community for that event this year. In mid-March Sigma Tau Delta hosted a reading by Lisa Kanaie at the Paul and Vi Loo Theatre, and a week later the faculty reading in Warmer Auditorium featured Tyler McMahon, Andy Godefroy and Eve Youngdale. The majors gathered just before spring break to learn about fall courses and the ins and outs of writing a senior thesis. April brought the student reading and a reading by the James Vaughan Award winner, Susan Lee Saint John. Students in WRI 3330 enjoyed a visit with novelist Cory Skolnick during the final week of the semester and our graduating seniors enjoyed a lunch with some of the English faculty. To read more about these events, visit our spring 12 news page.

Fall 2011 Recap

Fall 2011 began with the Hawaii Pacific Review release party celebrating 25 years of publishing the magazine. The English department hosted a book swap on September 30 to encourage reading for pleasure, and some of the donated books were made available in Sharky's Cove for students' reading enjoyment all semester long. Hosting literary readings is one thing we are known for. Patrice Wilson, Adele Ne Jame and Deborah Ross shared their poetry and prose on October 12 and students presented their work on November 15. Both Adele Nejame and Tyler Mchmahon published new books in the second half of 2011 and participated in several public readings. HPU also hosted a reading by four Renshi poets in our Local Writers Reading Series at the Paul and Vi Loo theatre. Many English majors and faculty also visted the theatre in November to attend the play House of Blue Leaves. Mark Tjarks' play Caliban and the First Tourist Luau was presented by Da Kine Readers Theatre. To read more about these events visit our Fall 2011 news page.