James Vaughan Award for Poetry

Hawai‘i Pacific University’s James Vaughan Award for Poetry began in 2000 and was established by a generous contribution from Mr. James M. Vaughan, a former student of HPU faculty member Ms. Adele NeJame. Mr. Vaughan wanted to support poetry at HPU and in the community at large. Every year, Dr. Patrice Wilson coordinates the contest and also judges the contest every other year, alternating with Ms. NeJame. Dr. Wilson also arranges for the winning poet to read his/her poetry for HPU faculty and students during the spring semester. For each of the past ten years, HPU has received approximately 100 entries for the contest.  An award of $250 is given to the winner.

This contest is one of the ways that HPU supports the literary arts in Hawai‘i. Submissions of 1-3 poems from Hawai‘i writers (including students) for consideration, as long as they have been residents in Hawai‘i for at least a year are accepted annually September-December. Entries may be sent to: James Vaughan Award for Poetry, 1060 Bishop Street, LB7, Honolulu, HI 96813.

2013 winner announced

Cassandra Aoki has been chosen as the 2013 winner.  She will give a reading in April 2013 in Warmer Auditorium.

James Vaughan Poetry Award Winners 2001-2012

Constance Wright 2001
Brandy McDougall 2002
Dawn Fraser Kawahara 2003
Michael Shapiro 2004
Nalani Scharsh 2005
Clint Frakes 2006
Christy Passion 2007
Susan Soong 2008
Melanie Van der Tuin
Eric Paul Shaffer
Elsha Bohnert 2011
Susan Lee St. John 2012