English Department: General Education Courses

The English Department offers these general education courses: 

Traditions & Movements that Shaped the World

ENG 2500 World Literature

Hawai'i and the Pacific

ENG 1101 Representations of Pacific Life

Creative Arts

ENG 2000 The Art of Literature

WRI 2601 Intro to Creative Writing

The American Experience

AMST 2000 The American Experience

Written Communication & Information Literacy I & II

WRI 1100 Writing and Analyzing Arguments (I)

WRI 1150 Literature and Argument (I)

WRI 1200 Research, Argument, and Writing (II)

WRI 1250 Research, Argument, and Literature (II)

Some WRI 1100 sections are intended for ESL students. These include sections A and B.  These are designated as Sections SLA, SLB, and so forth.

The English department offers online versions of WRI 1100 and WRI 1200, but the online format can be challenging for some students.  Please review this information before registering for an online writing course.  These courses are identified by an O in the section designator.

Some WRI 1200 sections in the spring are designed especially for Nursing students.   These sections are offered on the Hawaii Loa Campus and are identified by NS in the section designatorr.

English Department Gen Ed Course Descriptions

WRI 1100 Writing and Analyzing Arguments

WRI 1100 provides instruction and practice in college-level writing tasks, emphasizing the writing of arguments and the awareness that argument is the cornerstone of academic writing.  Students will develop critical thinking skills and academic writing skills by reading, analyzing and understanding complex texts from different cultures and communities.  In order to learn how to write college level arguments, students will refine their writing process, develop an awareness of their audience and rhetorical context, learn to use source material effectively and properly, and expand their repertoires of rhetorical strategies and organizational techniques.  Individual sections may have a specific theme or focus and some may be taught as global-learning first year seminars.

WRI 1150 Literature and Argument

This course combines instruction in college level writing and argumentation with an introduction to the study of literature.  As we read poems, stories, and plays by writers from diverse cultural backgrounds, we will discuss how readers respond to gaps in the text, bringing their own interests and experiences to bear on the text, and how authors use figurative language and the conventions of genre and narrative to structure texts, both literary and rhetorical, that guide us toward certain readings.  We will also discuss the differences between civic, academic and imaginative writing and read texts from a variety of disciplines.  We will examine arguments, analyze their components, and construct arguments in response to the texts we read.  Finally, students will use academic arguments from other disciplines to interpret and respond to literature.  As we construct readings of texts and share them with others through writing, the course will also emphasize the writing process.

Prospective English majors are encouraged to take WRI 1150.

WRI 1200 Research, Argument, and Writing

This course continues WRI 1100’s focus on argument as the cornerstone of academic writing, emphasizing organization, logical reasoning, and critical thinking. Students prepare a major argumentative research paper by locating and evaluating sources; summarizing, synthesizing, and incorporating them; and attributing ideas to their sources. The student will learn how to research, organize, draft, and revise both short and long research papers in MLA or APA format. The major focus of the course is a substantial (approximately 3000 word) paper in which the student draws upon a variety of authoritative sources to present an original argument.