English Department Faculty

The HPU English department has sixteen full-time faculty members and several adjunct (part-time) faculty. 

Full-Time Faculty 2014-2015               

Name, Rank, Graduate Program Contact Information Scholarly Interests

Breitenfeldt, Jeffrey

Instructor of English

M.A. Oregon State University

MP Mezz


Mr. Breitenfeldt's research interests include information literacy instruction, new media composition, and the role of attention in digital rhetoric. He is a Writing Curriculum Area Liaison for the HPU Military Campus Programs. 
Dr. Kathy Cassity

Cassity, Kathleen

Associate Professor of English

Ph.D. University of Hawai'i

MP 201-G



Dr. Cassity's scholarly interests include writing pedagogy, creative nonfiction, 20th-century British literature, and postcolonial literature, especially of South Asia. She has published in Writing on the Edge and other journals. She is the English Department Chair.

Ms. Angela Gili

Gili, Angela

Instructor of English

M.A. University of Hawai'i

MP 201-B



Ms. Gili is a doctoral candidate at University of Hawai'i. Her research focuses on postcolonial theory, contemporary detective fiction, and South African literature. She teaches the composition studies course and coordinates the peer tutors and the writing labs.
Dr. Laurie Leach

Leach, Laurie

Professor of English

Ph.D. Louisiana State University

MP 201-E



Dr. Leach's scholarly interests include American literature, ethnic literature, and the literature of slavery. Her articles have appeared in journals such as Biography, South Central Review, Studies in Literary History and LIT: Literature, Interpretation, Theory. She has published a biography of Langston Hughes.

Mr. Dave Mauricio

Mauricio, David

Instructor of English

M.A. University of Hawai'i




Mr. Mauricio is a specialist in developmental writing, composition, and argument. His MA’s include Teaching English as a Second Language and Theatre of Southeast Asia.

Mr. Tyler McMahon

McMahon, Tyler

Associate Professor of English

M.F.A., Creative Writing, Boise State University, 2007

LB 507



Tyler McMahon is the author of the novels Kilometer 99 (2014) and How the Mistakes Were Made (2011). His short fiction and essays have appeared inThree Penny Review, Antioch Review, The Rumpus, The Nervous Breakdown, and elsewhere.   He is also the advisor and instructor for Wanderlust and the editor of Hawaii Pacific Review. More info at www.tylermcmahon.net

Ms. Adele Ne Jame

Ne Jame, Adele

Assistant Professor of English

M.A. University of Hawai'i

MP 201-E



on leave Fall 2012

Author of the books Field Work, Land and Spirit, and South Wind, Ms. NeJame has received the Pablo Neruda Prize, a fellowship from the NEA, and prizes from the American Academy of Poets. 

Her poems have appeared in such journals as Poetry Kanto, American Nature Writing, The Denver Quarterly, Manoa, Ploughshares, and The Hawaii Pacific Review

Dr. Andrew Opitz

Opitz, Andrew

Assistant Professor of English

Ph.D. University of Minnesota

LB 507



Dr Opitz's interests include transatlantic literature, media studies, critical theory and the politics of satire and irony. He also writes about piracy and the Atlantic slave trade. He has written for journals such as Cultural Critique, Comparative Literature, Darkmatter, African American Review and Cultural Politics.
Mr. Steve Robinson

Robinson, Steve

Instructor of English

M.A. California State Univ. Consortium




Mr. Robinson specializes in composition and rhetoric and is currently working on a chapbook of poems. He has taught all levels of writing at HPU as well as the student literature magazine, Wanderlust.


Ross, Deborah

Professor of English

Ph.D.,  English, University of Rochester

LB 201-F



Dr. Ross’s scholarship primarily concerns gender issues in both literary and pop culture narratives, especially Disney and Miyazaki. She has also published creative work in CT Review, Hawai‘i Pacific Review, and several on-line magazines.


Soong, Micheline

Associate Professor of English


LB 201-F



Dr. Soong’s research interests include local literature of Hawai‘i, Asian-America literature, classical and modern Japanese and Chinese literatures, identity politics, and feminist theory.

Dr. Mark Tjarks

Tjarks, Mark

Professor of English

Ph.D. University of Hawai'i

MP 201-D



Dr. Tjarks’ research interests include creative writing, particularly scriptwriting, film, narrative theory, and modern drama. He is an award-winning playwright whose plays have been performed throughout the Hawaiian Islands and in Los Angeles and Houston.


Williams, Christy

Assistant Professor of English

Ph.D., University of Hawaii

MP 201-C



Dr. Williams specializes in fairy-tale studies and gender and narrative theory; she writes primarily fairy tales in on 20th and 21st century American literature and popular culture. Her articles have appeared in The Comparatist, Marvels & Tales and the collectionFairy Tale Film and Cinematic Folklore. She is co-editor of the book Beyond Adaptation: Essays on Radical Transformations of Original Works (2010).
Dr. Patrice Wilson

Wilson, Patrice

Assistant Professor of English

Ph.D. University of Hawai'i

On leave 2014-2015 Dr. Wilson specializes in postcolonial literature and theory. Also a poet, she is the author of three chapbooks: When All Else Falters (2004), On Neither Side (2009) and A Different Current (2011).
Mr. Rob Wilson

Wilson, Robert

Instructor of English



Mr. Wilson's background is in second-language acquisition and computer-assisted language learning. He is the Writing Curricular Area Liaison for HPU's Military Campus Programs.


Wood, Houston

Professor of English

Ph.D. University of Hawai'i

LB Mezz 4



Dr. Wood has published three books: The Reality of Ethnomethodology, Displacing Natives: The Rhetorical Production of Hawai'i , and Native Features: Indigenous Films from Around the World. His current research includes film studies and peace studies.

Adjunct Faculty  Fall 2014

Bold courses are being taught in Fall 2014

Boomla, Sherine

 WRI 1050, WRI 1200

Ching, April

WRI 1100

Davis, Sara


WRI 1050

Falgout, David

dfalgout@hpu.edu WRI 1100, WRI 1200

Fillmore, Nicholas

nfillmore@hpu.edu WRI  1100, WRI 1200

Kawai, Lisa

lkawai@hpu.edu WRI 1050, WRI 1100, WRI 1200
Olivieri, Susan WRI 1200

Rugen, Brian

brugen@hpu.edu WRI 1100, WRI 1101, WRI 1100-ESL, WRI 1200  (Brian is not adjunct fauclty but FT in the department of Languages and Applied Linguistics)

Tomchak, Laurie

ltomchak@hpu.edu WRI 1100, WRI 1200

Whitehorse, Marilyn 

mwhitehorse@hpu.edu WRI 1100, WRI 1200