English Department: Chair's Message

Welcome to Hawai’i Pacific University’s Department of English 

Dr. Laurie Leach, English Department ChairWhether you have decided to major in English or are simply considering it, I invite you to talk over your options with any of the members of the English Department. Most English faculty--17 full-timers and many of the 8-10 part-timers--have their offices in the LB  Building (1060 Bishop), and all of us have regular office hours during fall and spring semesters so that you can stop by to talk about the advantages of an English major or explore the path to an English, Writing, or Film Studies Minor.

English majors study poetry, novels, films, plays, short stories, sit-coms, songs, folk ballads, commercials--in short, all the oral, written, and visual texts through which humans express meaning. English majors develop their creativity, their oral and written communication skills, and their powers of persuasion and critical thinking. Our majors have entered graduate programs in business, communication, law, education, film studies, public adminstration and English.  Career fields that English majors pursue include sales, management,  college and university student services, professional and technical writing, journalism, advertising, and publishing--as well as teaching English as a foreign or second Language. 

I hope you will explore the rest of the website, which includes information about the major and minors, our regular activities and events, the English Honor Society, the faculty's specialties, and what English majors say about the department. If you have any questions or want advice about course selections, please feel free to drop by my office or phone/email me or any of the faculty.

Laurie Leach
Chair, English Department
1060 Bishop Street, 7C (basement)
(808) 544-1103