English Department: Chair's Message

Welcome to Hawai’i Pacific University’s Department of English 

Dr. Kathleen Cassity, English Department Chair

The activities of writing, sharing, and interpreting literature—stories, plays, poems, and more—lie at the heart of what it means to be human.  It is through language that we communicate with others, shape our world, and create meaning. The activities engaged in by English students—reading, writing, analysis, and interpretation—are central to success in all other educational, professional, and creative endeavors.  Focusing on English as an international language, HPU English students study a range of literary texts, interpret them within a variety of frameworks, and write in multiple academic and creative genres.  Developing these aptitudes prepares students for numerous professional careers while preparing them to lead richer, more meaningful lives.

Our alumni have entered a range of career fields, including education, sales, management,  banking, student services, professional and technical writing, journalism, advertising, editing, publishing, teaching abroad, and more. Many of our alumni have also successfully completed graduate programs in a range of disciplines ranging from English, education, and communication to business, law, film studies, Asian studies, and public adminstration, to name only a few. Our majors, minors, and alumni speak highly of our close-knit student body, the numerous extracurricular and hands-on opportunities we offer our students (such as the opportunity to work as peer tutors or to edit our student and professional literary magazines), and the one-on-one attention they enjoy from a highly talented, creative, and cohesive group of faculty members.

Whether you have decided to major, double-major or minor in English or are simply considering it, I invite you to talk over your options with me, or with any of our English faculty members. My office is located on the second floor of the MP building (1188 Fort Street Mall), while others are here in MP or on the Mezzanine and 5th floors of the LB  Building (1060 Bishop). Each of us holds regular office hours during fall and spring semesters. We would welcome you to stop by to talk discuss the advantages of an English major or double major, or to or explore the path to pursuing an English, Writing, or Film Studies Minor.

Please explore the rest of our website, which includes information about the major and minors, our regular activities and events, our English Honor Society (Sigma Tau Delta), The Write Club, our faculty's specialties, and the many positive things that our amazing students have to say about this department. If you have any questions or want advice about course selections, please drop by my office, or phone/email me or any of the faculty.

Come join us for an educational experience that will change your life, for the better and forever!

Kathleen Cassity, Associate Professor of English
Chair, English Department
1188 Fort Street Mall 201-G