BA in English: Degree Requirements

BA in English: Degree Requirements (Fall 2008-Summer 2010)

This page lists the requirements for students who entered the program in the terms between Fall 2008 and Summer 2010.    Under this program many of the courses are listed under the alpha LIT.  These courses were reassigned to the ENG alpha in Fall 2010, while two other courses were reassigned from ENG to WRI.  The program for Fall 2008 through Summer 2010 as listed below includes the new course number and alpha in parenthesis for each course that changed in Fall 2010. Students who still need to complete any of these courses will take them under the new alpha and number.  

Total credits required: 124 semester credits



  1. Complete the general education common core consisting of one course in each of fifteen common core categories as well as two cross-theme requirements. Click here for eligible courses for each requirement or here for a full description of the general education program.
  2. No more than two courses with the same alpha (the alphabetic prefix such as HIST or BIOL) may be applied toward the Common Core requirements. Click here for a listing of all the general education alphas.
  3. Some of the courses required for this major are also applicable to the general education core. When students count a course in both places instead of choosing a different general education course, they increase the number of unrestricted elective credits available. These potential overlaps are indicated parenthetically after the name of the course in the list of lower division major requirements.  Click here for detailed advice for students who wish to maximize overlap between general education and major requirements.


LIT 2510 World Literature I (World Cultures C and Art, Aesthetics and Creativity) Now ENG 2510
LIT 2520 World Literature II (World Cultures C and Art, Aesthetics and Creativity) Now ENG 2520


Two semesters of the same language: ARB, CHIN, FR, HAWN, JPE, KOR, LAT or SPAN.(One semester of a modern language will satisfy Communication Skills B. LAT 1100 satisfies Communication Skills C).




HUM 3900 Research and Writing in the Humanities


Any Upper-Division Global Citizenship or Service-Learning course.

If the course chosen for the upper-division citizenship requirement is WRI 3510, REL 3500 or one of the history global citizenship courses, it could also fulfill an upper-division major requirement or elective, adding three additional credits of unrestricted electives.


Senior Seminar Requirement: At list 6 credits of the 39 must be in 4000 level ENG courses.

TEXTS IN HISTORY (6 semester credits)

Choose two from the following:

ENG 3101 Shakespeare on Screen
LIT 3200 British Literature to 1800 (Now ENG 3100)
LIT 3210 Nineteenth-Century British Literature (Now ENG 3102)
LIT 3335 Asian Lit in Translation (Now ENG 3223)
LIT 3340 Traditional Chinese Fiction (Now ENG 3133)
LIT 3345 Modern Chinese Writers (Now ENG 3134)
LIT 3355 Modern Japanese Fiction (Now ENG 3135)
LIT 3410 Nineteenth century American Lit  (Now ENG 3122) 
LIT 3625 Nonfiction Film: Documentary, Docudrama, and Historical Film (Now ENG 3145)
LIT 3630 Biography (Now ENG 3140)
LIT 4120 Seminar in Modernism (Now ENG 4120)
LIT 4200 Shakespeare Seminar (Now ENG 4100)

 TEXTS AND CULTURE (6 semester credits)

Choose two from the following:

ENG 3201 Reel War - Military Conflict on Screen
ENG 3202 Literature of Slavery
ENG 3203 Pidgin Literature
ENG 3206 British Comic Literature
ENG 3250 Texts and Gender
ENG 3251 Sex, Power and Narrative
ENG 3252 20th Century American Women Writers of Color
LIT 3000 Backgrounds to Literature (Now ENG 3220)
LIT 3131 Western Dramatic Literature (Now ENG 3221)
LIT 3331 Asian Dramatic Literature (Now ENG 3222)
LIT 3421 Ethnic Literature (Now ENG 3224)
LIT 3422 Hawai`i Writers (Now ENG 3226)
LIT 3610 Fantasy Literature (Now ENG 3228)
LIT 3626 Hawai`i and the Pacific in Film (Now ENG 3227)
LIT 3721 Literature of Travel Now ENG 3229)

TEXTUAL THEORIES (3 semester credits)

Choose one from the following:

ENG 3300 Theoretical Perspectives
ENG 3350 Literature Adapted to Screen
LIT 3620 Film Theory and Criticism (Now ENG 3330)
LIT 4000 Seminar in Textual Criticism (now ENG 4300)
LIT 4520 Seminar in Post-Colonial Literature (now ENG 4320)

TEXTUAL PRACTICES (9 semester credits)

Choose three from the following:

ENG 3401 Wanderlust: Student Literary Magazine (Now WRI 3391)
ENG 3402 The Sacred and Erotic in Lyric Poetry (now WRI 3313)
WRI 3310 Poetry Workshop
WRI 3311 Childhood and Poetry Workshop
WRI 3312 Haiku East and West
ENG 3402 The Sacred and Erotic in Lyric Poetry (now WRI 3313)
WRI 3320 Scriptwriting
WRI 3330 Fiction Writing
WRI 3340 Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop
WRI 3390 Literary Magazine
WRI 3510 Composition Studies
WRI 3950 Professions in Writing Practicum
WRI 3990 Non-paid Internship
WRI 3991 Paid Internship
WRI 4990 Professional Writing Portfolio Seminar

MAJOR ELECTIVES (15 semester credits)

Complete any two ENG. LIT or WRI at the 3000 or 4000 level (6 credits).

Complete any one ARTH, HIST, PHIL, or REL at the 3000 or 4000 level (3 credits).

Choose two from the following (6 credits):

ENG   Any ENG not yet counted at the 3000 or 4000 level
LIT   Any LIT not yet oucnted at the 3000 or 4000 level
WRI   Any WRI not yet counted at the 3000 or 4000 level
AL 3310 History of the English Language or another Upper Division AL Course
ANTH 3700 Culture and Language
COM 3260 Exploring Film
COM 3400 Communicating Professionally
HIST 3900 Research and Writing across Time and Culture
HUM 3601 Mythology
JOUR 3300 Newswriting
JOUR 3400 Editing
MULT 3360 Writing for New Media
REL 3500 Indigenous Traditions


The number of unrestricted elective credits required will vary depending on the number of credits that overlap between the general education requirements and the major requirements, but students will need to earn enough college-level credits to reach a total of 124 semester credits. Students who maximize all possible overlaps can meet all specified requirements with 95 credits, leaving 29 credits of unrestricted electives.