BA in English

Program Description

English majors study poetry, novels, films, plays, short stories, sit-coms, songs, commercials—in short, all the oral, written, and visual texts through which humans express meaning. English majors develop their creativity, their oral and written communication skills, and their powers of persuasion and critical thinking, preparing themselves for careers in fields such as business, law, education, professional and technical writing, journalism, advertising, and publishing.

Program Objectives for English

  1. Students will develop transferable analytical skills such as the ability to summarize, interpret, and evaluate complex texts
  2. Students will develop transferable communication skills such as writing clearly and persuasively, revising and editing their own and others’ writing, and making effective oral presentations.
  3. Students will employ appropriate research methods to locate and evaluate information and will effectively present their own arguments with support from primary and secondary texts.
  4. Students will recognize and  analyze various textual forms and strategies in  academic and creative genres.
  5. Students will practice various textual strategies in academic and creative genres.
  6. Students will examine the ways in which texts shape and/or are shaped by history, culture, and context.   
  7. Students will experience and analyze diverse texts from various cultures. 
  8. Students will articulate or identify important theoretical concepts and approaches and apply them in interpreting or analyzing texts.

English Department Contact Information

Department Chair for English: Dr. Kathleen J. Cassity

Office: MP 201-G, 1188 Fort Street
Phone: 808-356-5235

Mailing Address: Dr. Kathleen J. Cassity, 1188 Fort Street, Honolulu, HI 96813