School of Education: Contact Us

Question/Concern  Contact Person  Title Phone Number E-Mail Address
I have a question about my application for admission.  Mr. Danny Lam Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions 544-1135
I would like some academic advising or personal counseling. Ms. Jamie Gushiken B.Ed. in Elementary Education Academic Advisor 544-9387

Mr. Gus Martinez-Padilla M.Ed. in Elementary Education Academic Advisor 566-2432

Dr. Valentina M. Abordonado M.Ed. in Secondary Education Academic Advisor 544-1143

I need help with financial aid or scholarships. Mr. Adam Hatch Director, Financial Aid 544-0839
I need help locating library resources in education. Mr. Kalekona Kingsbury Librarian in Charge, Circulation Services 544-0210
I have a question or concern relating to the School of Education. Mr. Mani Sehgal  Director 543-8046

I have a question or concern relating to the elementary education program. Mr. Gus Martinez-Padilla Elementary Education Program Director 566-2432
I have a question or concern relating to the  secondary education program.   Dr. Valentina Abordonado Secondary Education Program Director 544-1143

I have a question or concern relating to my field experiences or clinical practice.   Dr. Linda Wheeler Field Director 356-5229
I have an administrative question or concern.  Ms. Lori Nakayama Administrative Specialist 544-0838
I have a question about my course. Dr. Valentina M. Abordonado Professor of English 544-1143
Mr. Gus Martinez-Padilla Instructor of Education 566-2432
Mr. Mani Sehgal Instructor of Education 543-8046
Dr. Linda Wheeler Associate Professor of Education 356-5229