M.Ed. in Elementary Education: Degree Plan

Fall Term

ED 6000 The Professional Educator 3 credits
ED 6401 Elementary Education Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment I 3 credits
ED 6501 Elementary Education Field Experience I 3 credits

Spring Term

ED 6200 The Scholarly Teacher 3 credits
ED 6402 Elementary Education Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment II  3 credits
ED 6502 Elementary Education Field Experience II 3 credits

Summer Term

ED 6100 Child and Adolescent Development for Educators 3 credits
ED 6310 Culturally Responsive Education in Hawai'i 3 credits

Fall Term

ED 6430 The English Language Learner 3 credits
ED 6700 The Exceptional Learner 3 credits
ED 6503 Elementary Education Field Experience III 3 credits

Winter Term 

ED 6511 Elementary Education Clinical Practice I 3 credits

Spring Term 

ED 6510 Elementary Education Clinical Practice II 6 credits
ED 6512 Elementary Education Clinical Practice Seminar 3 credits

Total:  45 credits