B.Ed. in Elementary Education: 4-Year Degree Plan

Below is a typical fall-spring sequence for a full-time student planning to complete a B.Ed. in Elementary Education in four regular academic years.  Summer and/or winter majors courses must be taken to complete the degree. Please take this proposed 4-year plan as only a model.  Completion of the Elementary Education major may depend on what courses are offered during a given semester.

Freshman Year
Fall Semester   Spring Semester
WRI 1100 Analyzing & Writing Arguments (Or another Com Skills A) 3 WRI 1200 Research, Writing, and Argument (Research and Epistemology A) 3
Any Modern Language             (Lower Division Requirement and and Com Skills A) 4 Second Semester Modern Language (Lower Division Requirement) 4
Any Global Systems A course 3 Any Global Systems B course 3
MATH 1115 Survey of Mathematics    (Research and Epistemology B) 3 PSY 1000 Introduction to Psychology (Lower Division requirement and Research and Epistemology C) 3
Any World Cultures A course 3 Any World Cultures B course 3
Total 16 Total 16
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester   Spring Semester
Any Com Skills B course 3 Any Com Skills C course, or CSCI 1011 if CSCI 1041 was not taken (Com Skills C and Digital Literacy) 3
Any Values and Choices A course 3 Any Values & Choices B course  3
Any Global Systems C course, or CSCI 1041 (Global Systems C and Digital Literacy) 3 Any Values  & Choices C course 3
Any World Cultures C course that is also an Arts & Aesthetics course 3 Unrestricted Elective 3
Unrestricted Elective 4 Unrestricted Elective 4
Total 16      Total 16
Junior Year
Fall Semester   Spring and Summer Semesters
ED 3000 Foundations of American Education (Upper Division requirement) 3 ED 3200 Education Research and Writing (Upper Division Research and Writing requirement) 3
ED 3040 Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teachers                     (Upper Division requirement) 3 ED 3420 Language Arts for Elementary Education (Major requirement) 3
ED 3100 Child and Adolescent Development for Educators (Upper Division requirement) 3 ED 3421 Reading for Elementary Education(Major requirement) 3
ED 3300 Introduction to Teaching  (Upper Division requirement) 3 ED 3460 Social Studies for Elementary Education (Major requirement) 3
ED 3500 Service Learning in Education (Upper Division citizenship requirement) 3 ED 3501 Arts & Humanities Field Experiences(Major requirement) 3
  ED 3310 Culturally Responsive Education in Hawai'i (Major requirement) 3
Total 15 Total 18
Senior Year
Fall Semester   Winter/Spring Semester
ED 3430 The English Language Learner(Major Requirement) 3 ED 4510 Elementary Clinical Practice Seminar(Major Requirement) 3
ED 3440 Mathematics for Elementary Education (Major requirement) 3 ED 4511 Elementary Clinical Practice I(Capstone Requirement) 3
ED 3450 Science for Elementary Education(Major requirement) 3 ED 4512 Elementary Clinical Practice II(Capstone Requirement)  9
ED 3502 Math & Sciences Field Experience (Major requirement) 3  
ED 3600 Foundations of Special Education(Major Requirement) 3  
Total 15 Total 15
Total Credits = 127