Faculty Biography

Hashimoto, Serena Ph.D.
Associate Professor

College of Liberal Arts
Office: 1166 Fort Street, FS 210B
Office Phone Number:  808.356.5230
Voice Mail:  808.356.5230
Fax:  808.544.0835
E-mail:  shashimoto@hpu.edu
Fall 2016 Office Hours:  On sabbatical leave

European Graduate School in Switzerland

“I am so grateful to be in academia where we can, together, seek to illumine and bring awareness to the human mind.”

Serena has published papers on the photographs of Cindy Sherman and Abjection, Media and the early twentieth century avant garde, and critical theorist Walter Benjamin. She is currently researching kitsch, repetition, and memory. Serena is the Advisor to the MA/COM Association. Her contention is that the greatest attribute of education can not be measured but rather, hides itself in the recesses of expanding thought. "This unmeasured quantity that educators have been entrusted with is my foremost concern."