Akamai Advertising

Akamai Advertising

The Akamai Advertising Agency is Hawai’i Pacific University’s student chapter of the American Advertising Federation. The Agency consists of members from all over the US, in addition to some from various countries in Asia and Europe. A great place to network and make valuable connections, the Akamai Advertising Agency is a great stepping stool to gain real world experience.


Members of Akamai Advertising have many outstanding opportunities members can take advantage of including meetings, field trips, internships, job openings, portfolio projects, and other exciting activities.

Akamai Advertising members are automatically members of the American Advertising Federation, which means that they can compete in the National Student Advertising Competition. They are also eligible for various scholarships, and can participate in regional conferences.

Akamai Advertising Overview:  Akamai Advertising gives you the ability to build a network of future advertising professionals who will graduate from Hawai'i Pacific University to pursue careers in communication in companies all over the world. Outstanding opportunities such as meetings, guest professional speakers, field trips, internships, job openings, portfolio projects, and other exciting activities await Akamai Advertising members. Membership in Akamai Advertising includes membership in the American Advertising Federation, the leading national organization for the advertising industry and entitles you to compete in the National Student Advertising Competition, scholarships, regional conferences, and more. Membership in the American Advertising Federation shows your commitment to a career in professional communication.


Akamai Advertising Benefits: 

·         A subscription to American Advertising magazine
·         Dynamic guest speakers from the “real world” of professional communications
·         Access to the AAF American Internship Directory
·         Meetings of AD2 and the Honolulu Advertising Federation
·         Development of leadership skills as an officer, and having fun at parties and special events
·         A subscription to The Communicator newsletter with information about students at other universities

Applicable to the following student interests: Advertising, corporate communication as careers.