Arts and Humanities Department: Chair's Message

LierheimerThe Arts and Humanities at HPU are comprised of robust and diverse curricula, with much to offer our students.  In the area of the Arts, we offer a variety of music performance opportunities as well as Art, Music, and Theatre courses.  We are also very proud of our Theatre Program, in which students can create an individualized major or minor.  We produce two major shows per academic year, which feature students as well as members of the greater Honolulu community.

In the Humanities area, we offer a B.A. in Humanities with a choice of concentrations in Art History, Classical Studies, Philosophy, or Religious Studies.  We also offer a major or minor in East West Classical Studies, a minor in Philosophy, and a minor in Religious Studies.  Many of our Humanities courses fulfill General Education requirements.  Fascinating arrays of courses are available for a wide variety of student interest.  A multicultural approach provides further depth and breadth to the curriculum.  Art of China, Art of India and Southeast Asia, Buddhist Traditions, War in World Religions, History of Asian Philosophy, are just a few examples.

Our performing ensembles include the International Chorale and Vocal Ensemble, the Chamber Orchestra, and the Sea Warrior Band.  Each of these programs offer generous scholarships, allowing students to major in any academic field (outside of music) while continuing to enjoy playing their instrument or singing.  The International Vocal Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra returned recently from a concert tour in China, visiting Beijing and Xi’an.  The Sea Warrior Band is planning a concert tour in Ireland for the spring of 2011. 

A true Liberal Arts education cannot exist without the Arts and Humanities, and HPU is no exception.  The university prides itself on providing students with a well-rounded education, preparing students to be life-long learners and global citizens.  I encourage you to explore the links in our Arts and Humanities web pages for more information.

Lierheimer, Linda Ph.D.
Chair, Arts and Humanities
Professor of Humanities