CBA Faculty

Ozturk, U. Aytun Ph.D

Aytun Ozturk
Associate Professor of Management Science

College of Business Administration

Office:1132 Bishop Street, Suite 510B-3 (FH)

Honolulu, HI 96813

Office Phone: (808) 544-0298

Department of Financial, Economics, and Information Systems
Message: (808) 544-9373
Fax: (808) 544-2403


University of Pittsburgh
University of California, Berkeley


U. Aytun Ozturk is associate professor of management science at Hawai'i Pacific University. His current research interests are in the application of Operations Research in the areas of Logistics, Tourism, and Healthcare. Aytun has applied experience in a variety of fields including e-commerce, education, manufacturing, not-for-profit, power production, space exploration, small business management and transportation/distribution. He also has administrative/leadership experience having served previously as MBA Director, Assistant Dean and Dean. He received his BS from UC Berkeley and his MS and PhD from University of Pittsburgh. His teaching expertise is in Management Science.

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