Spring 2014 Full Semester:
  • Tuesday, January 21: Instruction Begins
  • Sunday, May 11: Term Ends

Graduate Term 8B:

  • Monday, March 17: Instruction Begins
  • Sunday, May 11: Term Ends

Upcoming Events:

HPU Intercultural Day 30th Anniversary: ‘A World without Borders’ on Wednesday, April 23

  • Calling all students, staff, faculty, colleges and departments: Join in the 30th anniversary Intercultural Day activities on Wednesday, April 23!
  • With students from nearly 100 countries, it is an opportunity to celebrate the university’s diversity by showcasing a culture or country through a booth display and/or live performance
  • Presenting groups will be reimbursed up to $100 for supplies and materials. Click here if you are interested in participating.    

Upcoming Holidays:

  • Friday, April 18 - Good Friday
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HPU Executives in Residence say the College of Business

“helps students how to think about doing business right,”

and “how to think holistically about success.”

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MBA Programs

MBA Programs Available

For the Traditional Student:

For the Working Professional:

Fast Track (12 Month) MBA

Think, connect to profession-ready global leadership…in 12 months

The Fast Track MBA is a one-year cohort program that accelerates the coursework and MBA experience with faculty and curriculum specifically dedicated to the program.

The Fast-Track MBA Student

This program is designed for the serious and qualified MBA student with proven commitment to academic excellence in previous university and GMAT or equivalent performance. The team player, leader, goal-oriented and success-driven student with a desire to deeply explore the boundaries of international business will quickly resonate with the Fast Track MBA.

GMAT scores above 600, or comparable ones from equivalent test alternatives. TOEFL scores for international students, plus two strong letters of recommendation from academic or professional associates should be submitted for acceptance.  Apply now

A concurrent program may be available for undergraduates who demonstrate the desired characteristics.

Hawaii: Portal to the global business world

The HPU College of Business is situated in one of the world’s  most unusual and diverse communities. Besides its exotic beauty, HPU’s island home is known as the crossroads to Asia and the Pacific Rim, and is home to international students from every country across the globe.  A uniquely diverse student body and Fast Track cohort, faculty and staff, as well as a project-based curriculum and professional focus provide an unmatched MBA experience.

The Fast Track Curriculum

Fourteen courses comprise the Fast Track MBA including a basic core and electives that meet the needs or professional desires of the student cohort

A value-driven MBA

The Fast track MBA allows most qualified students to immerse themselves in the work of the business/study program. The strategic location and the connection to international business leaders through a project-drive curriculum make the HPU Fast Track MBA a strong academic value for the dedicated and focused student. Learn more

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