Spring 2014 Full Semester:
  • Tuesday, January 21: Instruction Begins
  • Sunday, May 11: Term Ends

Graduate Term 8B:

  • Monday, March 17: Instruction Begins
  • Sunday, May 11: Term Ends

Upcoming Events:

HPU Intercultural Day 30th Anniversary: ‘A World without Borders’ on Wednesday, April 23

  • Calling all students, staff, faculty, colleges and departments: Join in the 30th anniversary Intercultural Day activities on Wednesday, April 23!
  • With students from nearly 100 countries, it is an opportunity to celebrate the university’s diversity by showcasing a culture or country through a booth display and/or live performance
  • Presenting groups will be reimbursed up to $100 for supplies and materials. Click here if you are interested in participating.    

Upcoming Holidays:

  • Friday, April 18 - Good Friday
HPU Ranked Among Top Universities
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HPU Executives in Residence say the College of Business

“helps students how to think about doing business right,”

and “how to think holistically about success.”

Budgets & Pricing

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HPU Values

Graduate Programs

Budgets and PricingThe HPU degrees – undergraduate and graduate – are considered some of the best international values for students. From Bloomburg’s “Best Return on Investment” to US News and World Report’s “Best Value” ratings, students gain a comprehensive business education, supported by professional faculty, global student body, real-world projects with the Hawaii international businesses, and student cultural and recreational organizations and events.

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Undergraduate Tuition

For year 2013-2014, the undergraduate BSBA degree tuition is approximately $19,980 plus housing and expenses. Per credit cost is calculated on a sliding scale based on the number of credits taken. Recommended annual budget for non-commute students is approximately $36,000.  See Tuition and Fee Schedule

Graduate Tuition

For year 2013-2014, tuition for graduate degrees, at nine credits/semester, is approximately $14,850 annually ($825/credit). Recommended annual budget including housing and other expenses is approximately $31,000. See Tuition and Fee Schedule


In comparison with comparable universities, the HPU Business student receives more than a diploma at the end of his or her program, but rather a complete experience in becoming a profession-ready global leader. HPU's Value

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