About CBA

College of Business Administration

Felliphe Castro

BA in International Business


It has always been my dream to come to Hawaii. When I was deciding to come to HPU, I spoke to Gui Albieri from the International Center because he is also from Brazil. He was very friendly and helpful when he explained what it would be like to come to HPU and Hawaii.


About CBA

At HPU you'll be studying in classes, working on team projects, and networking socially and professionally with students from more than 100 countries and all 50 states. Those same students you study with today are the same people you will do business with internationally tomorrow.

The typical professor at HPU is someone who has lived and traveled abroad, has the business experience to tell you how theory can be put into practice, and uses his or her knowledge and research to make the classroom a vital and stimulating place of learning.

Not only does HPU have rigorous business degree programs in 11 key areas of study, but it also offers opportunities for internships and co-op experiences. When you graduate, you will have studied business, and you will have had the opportunity to practice some of what you learned. You'll have a diploma and a job résumé.

Outside of the classroom you will be able to explore many social and professional opportunities. HPU sponsors more than 70 student organizations ranging from the Travel Industry Management Student Organization (TIMSO), to the Finance Club, from the AMA-related American Marketing Association Club to the Economics Club.

There are probably more exciting clubs and organizations than your time will allow. For those students who excel in the classroom, there are honor societies sponsoredby Hawai‘i Pacific that are business related.