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The College of Business Administration at Hawai'i Pacific University is pleased to announce that we have two Executive in Residence.  Jeffrey M. Boromisa, who has served as Executive in Residence in the CBA since Spring 2010, will continue to assume the role during the Spring Semesters.  This upcoming Fall 2011 we will be welcoming Melvin M. Horikami as the Executive in Residence for the Fall Semesters.  

Executive in Residence Boromisa

Jeffrey M. Boromisa, Executive in Residence (Spring)

Jeffrey M. Boromisa is a member of the Wolverine World Wide, Inc. Board of Directors and serves as their Audit Committee Chair.  His previous titles includes senior vice president of Kellogg Company since 2002 and executive vice president of Kellogg International since 2004.  Appointed president of Kellogg Latin America in August 2008, Mr. Boromisa was also a vital member of the company's global leadership team.

Having retired in May 2009, Mr. Boromisa chooses to remain active in the community by sharing his professional knowledge and guiding HPU students to their own successful paths for the future. In his role at HPU, Mr. Boromisa will contribute his expertise to mentor both undergraduate and graduate business students on their career choices and work with the school on developing internship opportunities for students. He will also be visiting various classes as a guest speaker as well as presenting or having discussions in and outside of the classroom on various business topics. We are honored that Mr. Jeffrey Boromisa is joining us to share insights he accumulated as a prominent business leader internationally.

Executive in Residence Horikami

Melvin M. Horikami, Executive in Residence (Fall)

Melvin M. Horikami is owner and President of Optimum Business Consulting, LLC – a management consulting practice.  He was previously the VP of Commercial Services at Oceanic Time Warner Cable and a retired senior executive with 29 years of experience with Verizon Communications.  While at Verizon Communications, he served as President – Verizon Hawaii, VP – provisioning & maintenance support, Executive Director – FiOS program management, Assistant Vice President - repair call centers and General Manager of customer operations. 

His experience includes operations management, quality/process management, business analysis, customer relations, systems and technology implementation, project management, sales, billing and staff support.   He held positions with national and regional responsibility and lived in 5 states from Hawaii to New Jersey.   Mr. Horikami holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Hawaii West Oahu and an MBA from Texas Christian University.    


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