Center for the Advancement of Innovative Teaching


We are here to help you explore tools and techniques that will support your work in the classroom and online. We are dedicated to your long-term success and to the advancement HPU's mission regarding student achievement.

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Introduction to Blackboard and WebCT systems in the HPU online environment.

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1188 Fort Street Mall, Suite 440
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-356-5250
Fax: 808-544-0823
CAIT Latest News:
  • Adjunct Faculty can now reserve office spaces at BH204. Pls, contact S. Meyer at 356-5250.
  • Blackboard Workshops are offered by CAIT. Pls, see CAIT calendar for more information.
  • HPU Faculty and Staff meet to kick off new academic year! Read more here.

For general CAIT questions: Ms. Sandra Meyer, Administrative Coordinator, (808)-356-5250
For support with online courses: Mr. Sandy Low (808)-356-5216